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Relationships16 Things That Men May Not Care About In Relationship

16 Things That Men May Not Care About In Relationship


1. Your Chipped Nail Paint

You may not want to let your man see your chipped nail paint or the imperfect winged eyeliner. You may think that your man may notice these little imperfections and judge you according to them. However, this is not the truth. Often your man may not notice these things. Therefore, it is better that you chuck these thoughts.


2. Place To Go For Dinner

As long as the place serves good food and has a nice ambiance, your man will have no problem with which you choose to go for dinner. He will be happy to eat at whichever restaurant you choose. Therefore, instead of looking for a fancy restaurant, try to choose a place with good food and a decent ambiance.


3. If You Haven’t Put On Makeup

By saying so, we mean to say that your man doesn’t care about whether you have put on the makeup or not. It is not that he doesn’t notice when you apply makeup. He surely notices this but that doesn’t mean he will find you unattractive if you do not put on makeup. He will still admire you and will consider you beautiful than any other woman.


4. What Your Friends Think About Him

It can be possible that your friends may not like your man due to some reason. But you don’t have to worry about it as your man doesn’t care about it. This is because all he cares about it is what you think about him. He wants to give the best in your relationship and keep you happy.


5. How Often You Go On Dates

Though you love going on dates with your partner and spend time with him, there can be times when you may not go for dates or spend some quality time. But you don’t have to worry about it as your man doesn’t care about how often you go on dates. He will surely understand the reasons due to which you couldn’t go on dates.


6. If You Want To Share That You Got Periods

There’s nothing wrong with letting your man know that you are on your periods and if you are having cramps. But do you know that your man wouldn’t mind it at all, even if you don’t tell him that you are on your periods? The reason behind this could be that he feels it is up to you if you want to share talk about your periods. However, this doesn’t mean that he isn’t concerned about you.


7. How Clean The Room Is

Who wouldn’t like to be in a room which is well-organised and is tidy? He will definitely love to see that you have kept your room clean. However, he won’t judge you or consider you lazy, if you are unable to clean the room every now and then. So, instead of getting paranoid about how clean your room is, you can take a sigh of relief and clean your place when you feel like doing so.


8. If You Put On Some Weight

We understand that you may not want to gain weight or find yourself having a double chin. Moreover, you may get anxious to find out that you have gained some weight. But you don’t have to worry about what your man would think of you. This is because all he cares about is how beautiful your heart is and how pretty you look even when you put on some weight.


9. What You Like To Do In Your Free Time

Your ‘me-time’ is yours and therefore, your man doesn’t care about how you spend it. By saying so, we mean to say that a man who loves you truly won’t bother to disturb you while you are enjoying your ‘me-time’. He will let you spend it according to your wish and won’t impose his decisions on you.


10. How Often You Go Out With Your Girl Gang

He understands that you love to spend time with your girl gang and therefore, he doesn’t stop you from spending time with them. You may like to discuss how much enjoyed with your girl gang and how often you want to go out with them. Even if you hang out with them throughout the week, your man won’t get angry. He will, in fact, encourage you to enjoy yourself with them.


11. How Often You Wash Your Hair

Do you worry that your man notices how often you wash your hair, then this may be wrong? Though he loves your hair, he won’t mind it if you do not wash them for 4 days. He will still admire your hair and would definitely notice how beautiful they are. Therefore, instead of being skeptical about it, you can be comfortable.


12. If You Love To Drink

Your man wouldn’t stop you from drinking on some occasion. If you know how to carry yourself after drinking, then why would he stop you? He may ask you to drink in a limit but that doesn’t mean he wants to put restrictions on you. He just wants to ensure that you are sane even when you have consumed alcohol.


13. What Is Your All-Time Favourite Food

By saying so we mean to say that your man never wants you to deliberately like a particular dish. If he knows what’s your all-time favourite food he won’t mind even if you order it every time you go out together. In fact, he may ask you to order whatever you want to have without judging you.


14. Your Morning Face

Let’s get this straight movies and TV shows have made us believe that women look like an angel when they wake up in the morning. You may want to look the same when you are with him. If you feel that your man would notice those small lines and wrinkles over your face along with your messy hair when you wake up in the morning, then this is not the truth. This is because men actually don’t worry about it. In fact, your man may not notice your morning face.


15. If You Earn More Money Than Him

There’s nothing wrong with earning more money than him. If you feel that your man will feel inferior to after knowing that you earn more than him, then this is wrong. A man who truly loves you will always feel proud of you. He will be more than happy to know that you are well-paid and are having job satisfaction. He won’t care if you earn more than him. In fact, he will encourage you to work harder.


16. Whether You Make The First Move

Believe it or not, some men get extremely nervous when it comes to making the first move in the relationship. So, if in that case, you are the one who made the first move, then be assured that he won’t judge yo. In fact, he will consider himself to lucky to have in his life.

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