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Beyond Love

oi-Prerna Aditi

on August 21, 2020

Let’s get one thing straight that change is inevitable in any marriage. Once you get married or enter into a relationship, it is obvious that you will have to embrace some changes to adjust with each other. But we cannot deny that asking your partner to change herself/himself completely is similar to asking to forget his/her individuality.

You can’t ask a fish to climb the tree or a dog to fly in the sky. Therefore, people often try to accept their partner as they are and help each other in bringing out some positive changes in themselves. Accepting your partner the way they are, will help you in strengthening your relationship to a great extent.

If you are wondering in what ways you can be accepting of your partner then scroll down this article to read more.


1. Accept That Your Partner Too Has His/Her Identity

This is one of the most important steps towards being more accepting of your partner. Unless you are not ready to accept the fact that your partner too has his/her own identity, you won’t be able to accept him/her. You need to understand that your partner too has his/her choices and won’t feel good if his/her partner is judgemental.


2. Respect Your Partner’s Choices

All of us have different choices and preferences and we can’t blame people for having distinct choices. Instead one should try to respect the choices and preferences of people around them. As a couple, it is important for you to respect each other’s choices and accept them as well. If you are someone who is fond of reading books while your partner is fond of watching movies, then instead of sulking over this, you can try to share the hobbies of each other. This will definitely help you in being more accepting of your partner.


3. Try To See Beyond Your Perspective

It is obvious that we see things as per our perspectives and try to interpret things accordingly. But when you have entered into a relationship or are going to marry someone, it is advisable that you try to look beyond your perspective. You need to understand your partner’s perspective as this will help you in making things better. You will be then able to accept your partner’s opinions, thoughts and choices.


4. Limit Your Expectations

You may expect a few things from your partner. For example, you may expect your partner to wear trendy clothes or have traditional beliefs. But then do you know that expecting too many things from your partner can create differences in your relationship. Your partner may not be able to fulfill your expectations and thus this can upset both of you. Therefore, it is advisable that you avoid expecting too much from your partner.


5. Bring Some Positive Changes In Yourself Too

If you want to see some positive changes in your partner, then you too need to change yourself to be a better human. You too need to quit your bad habits and overcome your insecurities. Doing so will help you in adjusting with your partner and being more accepting of your partner.


6. Avoid Being An All-Time Critic

Giving positive criticism to your partner is another thing and this won’t harm your relationship but if you are someone who constantly criticises every single thing, then this is not a good thing to do. In order to be more accepting of your partner, it is important that you avoid being an all-time critic and finding faults in your partner. In case, you do not approve of something, you can convey the same to your partner in an amicable way rather than criticising your partner in a rude manner.


7. Shut Down Your Old-School Beliefs

It is quite important that you shut down your old-school beliefs. For example, you must not impose those 16th century beliefs on your partner if he/she is uncomfortable. Instead of imposing the thoughts and decisions of your grandmother or aunts, you can help your partner in understanding their perspective. You can also explain to your partner why a particular thing is important or better.


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Story first published: Friday, August 21, 2020, 18:00 [IST]

Source: boldsky blog