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If there’s one thing Arby’s is known for, it’s having “the meats.” But now, the chain famous for its roast beef is spotlighting a different protein on its menu: seafood. As part of an updated deal, Arby’s customers can order from a lineup of three different sandwiches, two of which feature the chain’s fish fillet.

Available at participating restaurants nationwide, the 2 for $6 Mix ‘N Match deal includes a choice of two sandwiches from the following options: Crispy Fish, Fish ‘N Cheddar, and Classic Roast Beef. This deal, along with the two fish sandwiches, will only be offered at Arby’s for a limited time.

arby's $6 mix 'n match deal sandwiches

The Crispy Fish Sandwich features a crispy fish fillet, shredded lettuce, and tartar sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. The Fish ‘N Cheddar sandwich is made with the same combination of ingredients, along with the addition of cheddar cheese sauce.

Rounding out the sandwich trio is Arby’s signature, permanent menu item: Classic Roast Beef. This popular sandwich option includes thinly sliced roast beef piled on top of a toasted sesame bun.

Arby’s usually charges a little more for its Mix ‘N Deal—it’s typically $7, according to Brand Eating. Additionally, Arby’s notes on its website that the chain refreshes its 2 for $7 Everyday Value offerings on a regular basis.

The 2 for $6 Mix ‘N Match deal isn’t the only promotion at Arby’s right now. Rewards members can also get 50% off their next order until Feb. 11. Customers can only apply this discount once, and they cannot combine it with another coupon or offer.

Arby’s brought back its Crispy Fish and Fish ‘N Cheddar sandwiches at the end of December. In addition to the sandwiches being available individually and as part of the Mix ‘N Match deal, customers can also order these limited-time menu items as a meal with a choice of a side and a drink.

Aside from Arby’s, Burger King also has its own fish sandwiches launching soon. The burger chain recently confirmed to USA Today that it will release a Fiery Big Fish sandwich—a spicy take on its classic Big Fish option. The new menu item will hit restaurants nationwide on Feb. 14.

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