Are you feeling tired no matter how much you sleep? Do even simple tasks become excessively challenging, physically and mentally? Do you lack motivation and find it difficult to accomplish your daily chores? Lack of energy, extreme tiredness, constant fatigue…these are very common causes of complain by men and women in India. In some cases, excessive tiredness can induce headache, muscle pain and lack of concentration. But this is not a fatality. So what can you do against it? We are going to explain to you what could cause your extreme fatigue and give you some useful advice to help you increase your energy and stop feeling tired all the time.

Are you always low on energy? Here are a few reasons why!


Extreme fatigue is a common cause of complain by woman in India. Most of the time we blame a lack of energy on exhaustion. But one must not jump to this conclusion without taking some other factors into consideration. We recently held a poll asking our readers if they were always low on energy. Based on the results, here’s an analysis.

What are the symptoms of extreme tiredness and fatigue?

Many people define lack of energy differently. The most common perception is the inability to do certain tasks which you would normally do. However, in the medical world, doctors use the term fatigue to discuss a lack of energy. Fatigue doesn’t include just the feeling of being sleepy, but also, having no motivation or energy to do anything. Fatigue can be caused by one or more of these factors: lifestyle factors, physical health conditions, and mental health issues. While most of the times simple changes in lifestyle choices can help overcome fatigue, you must see a doctor if: you can’t explain the fatigue, there’s unexplained weight loss, your body temperature is higher than normal, you feel very sensitive to colder temperatures, you are experiencing sleep disorders, or have cause to believe you might be in depression.

What are the causes of tiredness and extreme fatigue in women?

The first way to tackle low energy is to bring changes to your lifestyle. It is undeniable that the kind of lifestyle the people of today are subjected to is harsh. Yet, if that doesn’t seem to solve your problem, here are a few things that can cause a lack of energy.

Anemia, which is the lack of red blood cells in the body, is a leading cause of fatigue. Alongside a lack of energy, you may also feel extreme weakness, difficulty sleeping, lack of concentration, rapid heartbeat, chest pains, and headache.

Another reason for being low on energy can be –dehydration. Parts of the brain actually shrink due to a lack of water in the body. Alongside being tired and thirsty, you may also notice dark urine, brain fog, swollen fingers, headache, and dry skin.

-Hyperthyroidism has become a leading disorder in women globally. One of the symptoms of this disorder is feeling tired all the time. Increase in the thyroid hormone in the body speeds up metabolism resulting in this disorder. Other symptoms include unexplained weight loss, feeling warm all the time, increased heart rate, shorter and less frequent menstrual flows, and increased thirst.

Diabetes is yet another disease that has tiredness as one of its symptoms. The lack of sufficient glucose in your body can lead to a lack of energy. Other symptoms include excessive thirst, frequent urination, hunger, weight loss, irritability, yeast infections, and blurred vision.

Some other reasons can be –Depression, –Chronic Fatigue and –Sleep Apnea.

What vitamin and mineral deficiency causes extreme fatigue?

Anemia is caused by a deficiency of -Iron in the body. So, naturally, women suffer from constant exhaustion due to a deficiency of this mineral. Spinach, White Rice and Kidney beans are great sources of Iron.Besides Iron, two other minerals and two vitamins can cause extreme fatigue in women.

-Vitamin B12 is one of these vitamins a deficiency of which can cause extreme fatigue. This deficiency is cause mostly because of restrictive diets. By cutting on carbohydrates you cut on what little supply of Vitamin B12 the body gets. As it is, women over 50 are not able to absorb this vitamin well enough. This can lead to brain fog, mental and physical fatigue in the long run.

A lack of -Potassium and -Magnesium in the body is what has led to those muscle aches that you are suffering. This leads to the soreness and weakness that are associated with extreme fatigue in women. Meat, fish, fruit – such as cantaloupe, bananas and apricots – plus potatoes, turnips and other veggies, are all rich sources of Magnesium. Beets, Spinach, Parsnips, Tomatoes, Oranges, etc. can fulfill your Potassium needs. -Folic acid, which can be obtained from Pulses, Broccoli, Avocado and Eggs, is also necessary to tackle extreme tiredness caused by deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

What to do about extreme fatigue and how do I stop feeling tired all the time?

 If your lack of energy is a result of one of the diseases mentioned above, then the most important thing to do is to follow the doctor’s advice. However, there are a few things that you can change your lifestyle which will help you get more energy naturally.

The first thing to do is reduce stress.

A huge amount of energy gets used by your stress emotions. This not only makes you physically weaker but also sucks the will to get things done. Another thing to add to that is

lightening your load.

Physical work alone does not cause low energy. Your social engagements, family obligations, etc can also take a toll on your energy levels. The complete most universal tool to boost energy levels is exercise. Spend at least 1 hour on some form of exercise or different types of exercises.

Avoid smoking.

Not only is it killing you, it is also robbing you of the energy you need to live your life. Choose life, not deadly pleasures. Another advice which might sound a little odd is –restricting your sleep. If sleep deprivation is your problem then try spending less time in bed which is spent tossing and turning. The work that you do during that time will result in your body needing more sleep.

Eat in short intervals. This will help provide a constant flow of energy to your body rather than having a big meal after long breaks. Break-up your three-meal plan to six, or whatever suits your energy needs.

How can I increase my energy?

Reducing fatigue isn’t our only goal. The goal is to have more energy. A few lifestyle changes can help you achieve this goal, even if your extreme tiredness is caused by a disease.

Drinking vegetable juice

is a good change in your diet that can aid an increase in energy. The removal of cooking from the equation helps conserve many nutrient and minerals that are lost in the process. Also, the removal of fibres makes them easier to digest, hence, less energy spent on digestion.

Walk more to give your body an energy boost.

It might sound like an exhausting activity. But I can tell form experience that walking is the one exercise that will give you more energy than it requires.

Incorporate power naps in your schedule.

Constant work can also turn down your energy levels. Giving them time to replenish will work miraculously in your favour.

Increase your water intake.

You will be surprised how drinking water can immediately boost your energy. People often avoid drinking water after exercise. However, that is an even more important time to drink water as dehydration is synonymous to fatigue. Your power naps can be partners with Power snacks.Not only does eating between meals helps improve your digestion, it enables your body to get small boosts of energy. A power snack that combines protein, a little fat and some fiber, is all you need to serve your energy needs.

Source: WomenNow

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