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Autopsy Pictures and Story – What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry? Where Is Daniel Patry Now?

What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry? Daniel Patry assassinated Gabriel Kuhn over the video game Tibia.

Gabriel Kuhn, a 12-year-old boy, was beaten, tortured, and ruthlessly murdered by Daniel Patry, a 16-year-old boy, in 2007. People are curious to learn what happened when the victim’s name was resurfaced on the Internet. The incident occurred in Blumenau, Brazil.

What Happened To Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry?

Gabriel Kuhn was ruthlessly killed by Daniel Patry when he refused to pay the money back that he used in the video game named Tibia. Sources disclosed that Daniel has always been an aggressive kid and his parents even sent him to take psychiatric sessions.

However, he did not attend the sessions and even left school. Thus, he used to stay home and play an online role-playing game, Tibia. He befriended a local boy named Gabriel when playing that game.

One time, the 12 years old asked him if he could borrow 20,000 virtual currency in Tibia. Daniel gave him the money with a promise that he would return it. However, he did not return the money and blocked him from all virtual contacts.

That enraged him, and he called his mother to know when she would be back home. She was in Nova Trento at 9:30 am on the crime day. After learning how much time he would have, he went to Gabriel’s home and knocked on the door.

He said he could apologize, and things could work out between them. Believing his words, Gabriel opened the door and let him in.

But, Daniel locked the door and started beating him ferociously. He then dragged him to a bed and violently assaulted him. After some time, he saw Gabriel lying in a pool of blood and started to laugh.

He threatened Daniel that he would say everything that happened to his parents. Then, afraid to be found out, he grabbed the game console power cord and wrapped it around Gabriel’s neck.

Gabriel Kuhn Autopsy Pictures and Story

There is no autopsy picture of Gabriel. But, some photos of the crime scene are getting viral on the Internet. Moreover, how Daniel murdered the boy is horror because his terror did not stop until strangling him.

After seeing his victim’s eyes closed, the murderer decided to hide the body in a hallway crawl space trap door. But, he realized, he could not lift the heavy body.

So, Daniel then went to the kitchen to get a knife and went to the garage to fetch a hacksaw so he could remove the legs and decrease the torso’s weight.

Gabriel regains consciousness after just one or two saw pulls from totally removing his right leg and begins screaming and wailing due to the impending pain and horror of his life mutilation.

Daniel Petry was filled with glee and excitement when he realized Gabriel was still alive and could still feel agony, so he brutally changed angles on the saw and began sawing harder and quicker, cutting Gabriel in half.

Gabriel may have passed out from the trauma. Daniel attempted to cram the youngster into the crawl space trapdoor once again, but he couldn’t get the angle correct.

After getting bored and irritated, Daniel began to beat and stab Gabriel’s top half of his body, carving Tibia symbols into his chest. He then put the bloodied body at the hallway trap door and the legs next to the hacksaw in the hallway for whoever would be the first to return home.

Where Is Daniel Patry Now?

Daniel Patry is said to be living freely at present. Some websites wrote that though he admitted his doing without remorse, he was jailed for three years only for his horrifying action. He got a socio-educational punishment.

When the judge asked him if he had any last words before going to prison, he said he would finish his revenge in hell. He had no sympathy for the family who lost their young child.

The virtual money that equals a mere $1.75 was never returned, but it cost a young boy his life.


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