BIANCA Censori has given Kanye West, something to smile about.

The rapper’s wife has made his new titanium dentures her personal cell phone background.

Bianca Censori's cell phone background is a pic of Kanye West and his new teeth

Bianca Censori’s cell phone background is a pic of Kanye West and his new teethCredit: BackGrid
She copied this photo Kanye shared online

She copied this photo Kanye shared onlineCredit: Instagram/ Kanye West

Kanye recently added custom-designed titanium grills to his teeth, and it looks like they’ve gotten Bianca’s seal of approval.

The 29-year-old was spotted heading to a tanning session with Ye.

Bianca held Kanye’s hand with one hand, and clutched her cell phone with the other.

As she swung the device back and forth, her background popped up – a selfie photo of Kanye’s pricey new accessories Ye shared himself.

The Donda rapper showed off his new dentures, which reportedly cost $850,000, last week.

He followed up the selfie revealing his brand new titanium smile with one featuring a screenshot of a Google search for the James Bond villain, Jaws.

The henchman used his metal chompers to attack and bite his enemies in both the 1977 action flick The Spy Who Loved Me and its 1979 follow-up, Moonraker.

However, the musician has not had his teeth removed.

“The technical term is fixed prosthodontics. They are fixed and permanent. This goes way beyond veneers or grills. It’s quite unlike anything that has been done before,” said a person close to Ye, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not have permission to speak publicly on Ye’s behalf.

“It’s experimental dentistry to say the least.

“All that said, his teeth weren’t removed.”


Bianca’s special background was overlooked at first – especially in light of the NSFW outfit she was wearing.

The designer wore a sheer white top with the word “Wet” emblazoned across it and a pair of tiny black briefs with an dirty function.

Bianca’s briefs featured a small hole at the front, which is designed to accommodate sex toys. 

The Yeezy architect – who married Kanye in January 2023 – teamed her jaw-dropping outfit with a pair of black stilettos.

She slicked her dark hair right back in a wet-look ‘do and framed her features with nude lipstick and smokey eyeshadow.

Kanye, meanwhile, wore his signature baggy black pants, gray sweatshirt, and a black sweater layered over the top.

The rapper completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers.


Fans have been quick to grill Kanye about his new grill.

He was out dining with his wife, along with comedian Chris Rock, 58, when he debuted his new smile.

Ye was wearing black jeans, a puffy black jacket, and black boots – but one accessory caught everyone’s attention.

Kanye was also sporting his brand new $850,000 grills.

Both of the dental prosthetics feature small points that mimic canine teeth.

Kanye’s fans on Reddit saw the photos and commented on his ever-changing appearance.

One wrote, “Every time I see him he looks scarier lmao.”

A fan replied, “He does literally have James Bond henchman teeth now so…”

“He doesn’t look well,” another said.

A fourth fan wrote, “His face is swollen from his recent dental surgery.”

Bianca was on her way to a tanning salon

Bianca was on her way to a tanning salonCredit: BackGrid
Kanye showed off his new teeth while dining with Chris Rock

Kanye showed off his new teeth while dining with Chris RockCredit: BackGrid
Kanye compared his new grill to James Bond villain Jaws

Kanye compared his new grill to James Bond villain Jaws

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