Can Vegetarian Diet Help You Gain Muscle Mass?
Can Vegetarian Diet Help You Gain Muscle Mass?

Here is how you can maximize your gains without meat consumption.

We all know that a diet based on non-vegetarian food is recommended for gaining muscles. How does our body build muscles? Firstly, it is the diet that is of utmost importance and the second thing is the stress of exercise. According to research, protein is also supposed to decrease our hunger pangs. It keeps our stomach full for a longer period of time and this also works well for our waistline and weight loss. Protein has high proportion of calories and this helps minimize the loss of muscle mass during weight loss. However, these calories in a protein diet could drive the weight loss towards body fat.

Can Vegetarian Diet Also Help Increase Muscle Mass?

Traditionally, people who are aiming to gain muscles are recommended an animal based diet. But, can we also gain muscles and load up on protein by following a vegan or vegetarian diet? A study conducted by Arizona State University found that, athletes who have a plant based protein diet have as much strength and endurance as a person following a plant based diet. All it requires is strategic planning on which kinds of foods will help us get the maximum amount of protein that can help us gain muscle mass. But first, you need to know how much protein is necessary to show your muscles some love. Read on to find out how you can gain without eating meat.

Vegetarian Diet To Gain Muscles

It is true that people following a plant based diet to gain muscles might have to work harder than others. Gaining muscles with animal protein is very easy. However, experts assure us that, the results can be the same if it is done in the correct way. One strategy that we can follow is by eating lots of vegetables and began foods which are high in protein content throughout the day and in enough quantities. Here is a list of vegetarian foods which are rich in protein and will help you gain muscle mass. But, remember, you do not have to go fully vegan.

  • Avoid meat but do not cut eggs from your diet
  • Dairy is a must. Dairy products contain a lot of protein and will help you get your fill.
  • A great addition to post-workout diet is rice, soy, peas. These foods increase our digestibility and contain isolated proteins. You can also add these into oatmeal.
  • Eat lots of plant proteins like lentils and beans. They are loaded with nutrients and protein.

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