Summer is just three days away, and there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a frozen treat. If you’re a Costco member, there’s one specific ice cream product you’ll want to keep on your radar.

Over the last few months, shoppers have been buzzing about the return of La Boulangerie’s Chocolate Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwiches. These beloved treats are filled with caramel ice cream that contains caramelized sugar bits, with the top half dipped in milk chocolate while the bottom half is sandwiched between two speculoos biscuits.

Recently, Instagram user @costcobuys announced that the item has been restocked, while other shoppers have reported that the popular ice cream sandwiches have finally hit their warehouse, presumably for the first time.

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“Be warned, these are dangerously delicious!” @costcobuys wrote, noting that the ice cream sandwiches are available in 12-count packages for $14.99.

Within the comments section, several shoppers expressed their eagerness to try the product—though not everyone has seen it at their warehouse club yet.

The excitement for this product has extended to Reddit too, with one Costco member recently calling the frozen item “to die for.” The Reddit user added, “They taste like oatmeal cream pies! Found at the Costco in St. Cloud, MN.”

Additionally, some shoppers previously compared the chocolate honeycomb sandwiches to Tandem ice cream bars, a discontinued novelty ice cream that featured chocolate-covered ice cream stacked on top of an ice cream sandwich—similar to the Costco treat.

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The chocolate honeycomb ice cream sandwiches aren’t the only desserts Costco members have been raving about. The bakery department recently brought back its popular s’mores cookies, which it first debuted last year. Spotted for $9.99, these cookies feature graham cracker flour, marshmallows, and chocolate chunks.

Additionally, the Costco bakery recently rolled out a new banana cream pie that weighs over three-and-a-half pounds and retails for $15.99. This dessert is made with a graham cracker crust topped with a banana cream filling, caramel whipped topping, and a caramel drizzle.

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