Boasting a whopping 119 million members and 840 locations worldwide, there’s no bigger name in the warehouse club game than Costco. With a wide assortment of bulk goods, the chain offers consumers a true one-stop-shop experience in exchange for an annual membership fee.

Costco shoppers will no doubt be familiar with Kirkland Signature, the retailer’s very own “generic” brand of goods ranging from food products to clothes. “Kirkland is a proxy brand for Costco. It really means Costco,” Christopher Durham, president of Retail Brands Institute, a trade group representing the private brand industry, recently told CNN.

Kirkland’s line of organic hummus is especially popular with shoppers, and has been named one of the best grocery store hummuses available. Unfortunately, the chain has recently informed shoppers that it will be pulling one of its flavored hummuses off the shelves due to an issue with its topping.

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Costco is recalling a batch of the Kirkland Signature Pine Nut Hummus due to a mold issue on the pine nut topping. Shoppers may have picked up the affected product between September 21 and October 18, and can identify it by the “Best Before NOV 26 2022” signage on top of the container.

Kirkland Roasted Pine Nut HummusKirkland Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

If you think you have one of the affected products, Costco recommends returning it to one of its locations for a full refund.

If customers have any additional questions or concerns they can reach out to Shelly Brown, quality control manager at Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, by phone (978-372-8010 Ext 2221) or email ([email protected])

A food safety recall is always a bit unsettling, but as this story goes to show, even industry leaders like Costco aren’t immune to the occasional food fiasco. Earlier this month leading grocery chain ALDI had to recall a pair of falafel products over E. coli concerns.

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