More than 7,000 hospital admissions and deaths could have been avoided if people had had all their Covid jabs.

Experts found that 45.7% of those in England had not had the recommended number of vaccinations and boosters by June 1, 2022. In Northern Ireland it was 49.8%, in Scotland 34.2% and 32.8% in Wales.

Highest rates were younger people, men, those in areas of higher deprivation and people of non-white ethnicity.

Some 7,180 deaths and hospitalisations out of 40,393 Covid admissions and deaths in summer 2022, might have been avoided.

Prof Sir Aziz Sheikh, of Health Data Research UK, co-lead of the study, said: “Covid-19 vaccines save lives.As variants emerge, this study will help to pinpoint groups of our society and areas of the country where public health campaigns should be focused.”

The study was published in The Lancet.

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