Does Queen Latifah have a daughter? That’s what Fans want to know after a TikTok user named Vicky Zesu claimed to be the daughter of the iconic Queen.

Last week, Zesu took to the social media platform to share photos of herself posing with Latifah during designer Thom Browne’s fashion show. She captioned one of the snaps, “Queen coming all the way to support her daughter for NYFW”.

Despite Vicky’s TikTok posts suggesting otherwise, Queen Latifah doesn’t have a daughter. However, she is a dedicated mother to her son.


Tell me your mom is nice to paparazzi’s without telling me 🤷‍♀️ #nyfw #annawintour #vogue #queenlatifah @Thom Browne

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For years, Queen Latifah has kept her personal life under wraps, and her journey into motherhood was no exception.

In 2018, shortly after the loss of her mother, Latifah welcomed her son into the world, surprising many of her fans. Once the news broke, she expressed a desire for expanding her family further.

“I’ve always envisioned myself with a big family, I’m a late bloomer. I’m a late bloomer with a lot of things and you know — nobody’s perfect,” she previously told PEOPLE Now. “I’m an overachiever in some ways and just like slow as molasses in other ways. I think I kind of needed to grow and mature and get everything kind of taken care of with everything before I was able to really deal with it.”

In 2021, Queen Latifah received the prestigious BET Lifetime Achievement Award, recognizing her talent and years of hard work.

During her acceptance speech, she shouted out her son Rebel and her partner Eboni for the first time, saying, “Eboni, my love. Rebel, my love.”

While Queen Latifah may not have a daughter in real life, she portrays a single mother on screen in the hit CBS series, “The Equalizer.

In the show, she plays Robyn McCall, a mother to a teenage daughter (played by Laya DeLeon Hayes), who leads a double life as an underground vigilante.

Season four if The Equalizer premiered on Sunday night on CBS.