Globally heart health is a major issue, with cardiovascular disease accounting for almost 20 million deaths every year.

The UK is no exception to this as around a quarter of all fatalities can be attributed to heart and circulatory diseases.

A major cause of heart disease is when fatty substances build up in the arteries, blocking or interrupting the flow of blood.

Over time the artery walls can become thick with these deposits in a process called atherosclerosis.

There are several contributing factors to atherosclerosis, including smoking, drinking too much alcohol and having high blood pressure.

Another major cause is having high cholesterol. This means you have too much of a fatty substance known as cholesterol in the blood.

Diet is often linked to cholesterol levels with foods high in saturated fats one of the main culprits.

However, over the years one specific type of food has often been the subject of concern due to its potential impact on cholesterol.

Some health bodies and experts recommend minimising the number of eggs you eat for this very reason.

But cardiologist and self-titled “natural heart doctor”, Jack Wolfson urged people to not worry about this.

In a TikTok video called “Things that I would never do as a cardiologist”, he told his more than 460,000 followers to include eggs in their diets.

“Number one, tell people to avoid eggs,” said.

“Big, big, big mistake. Eggs are a cocoon for a baby chicken, and like a multivitamin, eggs are phenomenally healthy. Don’t worry about the cholesterol in eggs.”

His advice is backed by British Heart Foundation dietitian, Victoria Taylor.

“In the past it was thought that people should limit the number of eggs they eat to three to four a week because they contain cholesterol – It is the egg yolks that have the cholesterol,” she said.

“However, the misconceptions around eggs and cholesterol largely stemmed from incorrect conclusions drawn from early research that dietary cholesterol contributed to raised blood cholesterol levels.”

She explained that eggs are low in saturated fat.

Victoria added: “Recent research has also shown that moderate egg consumption – up to one a day – does not increase heart disease risk in healthy individuals and can be part of a healthy diet.

“As such, since about 2000, major world and UK health organisations, including us and the Department of Health, changed their advice on eggs and there is now no recommended limit on how many eggs people should eat, as long as you eat a varied diet.”

The Mayo Clinic, in the US, also states that eating up to seven eggs a week is safe.

However, Victoria warned that people with familial hypercholesterolaemia (high cholesterol that is inherited), should eat no more than three or four eggs a week.

She also advised “paying attention” to how your eggs are cooked and what they are served with as these add ons could be dangerous to those with high cholesterol.

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