Celebrity Masterchef’s Gregg Wallace appeared on GMB this morning. He discussed his new slimmer look with presenters.

The TV chef shocked many with his ever slimming waist line once again.

He gave fans further insight into how he slimmed down.

On losing four stone, Gregg said: “It’s not about crazy diets, it’s not about knocking out any food groups, not about starving yourself three times a week, it’s not about eating as much as you can in a one-hour period…

“What this is about is slowly, day by day, moving yourself into a healthier place – that’s sustainable until you look round and you’ve lost weight.”

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Gregg used to weight 16 stone and have a fried breakfast everyday and takeaways every week, despite being a chef.

He is launching ShowMe.Fit with his wife, Anne-Marie Starpini, who is 21 years younger than him.

Gregg told the Loose Women earlier this month: “I’ve lost four stone over the years with Anna’s help and Anna’s cooking.”

Anna said, appearing alongside her husband: “I’ve been doing all the recipes [on the website], which I really enjoy because I love cooking.”

Talking to Bella magazine, weight-loss expert Steve Miller said of Natalie: “She looks like she’s lost up to three stone over the years, and is a size 8.

“She’s lost weight on her face, legs, arms and neck and would be around nine stone.

“She’s done it the right way, which indicates a boost in her self-esteem. She looks gorgeous!”

The inspiration to lose weight came along with the desire to run the London Marathon.

Source: Daily Express | Diet