On X (formerly Twitter), Gregg Wallace uploaded a video addressing his fanbase about dieting. “Don’t attempt to diet,” the 59-year-old said after dropping an impressive five stone. “There is no way you’re going to be good 100 percent of the time.”

Gregg continued: “You know what? It’s OK to be 10 percent better than you were yesterday, five percent better than you were yesterday. Listen to this; I’ve been saying this for ages, being good most of the time is good enough.”

Gregg captioned the video: “The way to gain long-term, sustainable weight loss is by being good most of the time… this is good enough.”

After a frightening health scare back in 2017, when Gregg was warned by doctors that he was on his way to a life-threatening heart attack, the TV presenter decided to get into better shape.

Since his transformative weight loss, Gregg has founded Gregg Wallace Health to help others drop the pounds in a healthy way.

“Let us help you lose weight,” he says on his business website. “Not by being hungry, not by exercising, but by learning healthy habits.”

Gregg said: “I changed my life. I can help you change yours. Being healthy should never be hard work. Eat well, enjoy life.”

In his blog post, Gregg admitted his weight had initially crept up on him due to a “culmination of small decisions and habits” throughout the years.

Gregg is majorly against any dieting fads, stating that quick-fix diets do not work to keep off the weight in the long term.

“The key is not in drastic, unsustainable diets, but in making gradual, consistent changes,” said Gregg. “As we begin to change our habits, our mindset changes too, leading to lasting weight loss and improved health.”

Gregg Wallace Health offers weekly meal plans that have been approved by a nutritionist to help people lose weight. However, to access more than 450 recipes, you will need an active membership to Gregg’s site.

Gregg himself gradually shifted the pounds by replacing unhealthy food choices with healthier options, such as eating more vegetables and fruits rather than processed foods.

For those on a budget and still wanting to lose weight, the NHS shares free healthy recipes that taste good too. In addition to eating more healthily, the NHS recommends people to exercise for at least 150 minutes weekly.

Healthy weight loss involves losing up to two pounds per week, which means you can lose up to eight pounds each month; while this may seem little, the pounds really do add up.

By losing up to two pounds per week, that’s 96 pounds (six stone and eight pounds) per year, which is an incredible amount of weight to lose within 12 months.

Any type of weight loss will take determination, creating new, healthier habits, commitment and consistency – and preparing for days for when you may not feel proud of yourself.

Even if you have an off day, the key is in picking yourself up and to keep going with the weight loss goals and you will marvel in the changes that can happen within the year with consistent effort.

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