Cardiovascular disease is the name for any conditions that affect the heart or circulatory system. This includes coronary heart disease, heart failure and strokes among others.

Across the world cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest causes of death. The same is true in the UK, where it accounts for a quarter of all fatalities.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to heart disease, including whether you smoke, how often you exercise and family history. Diet is also a major risk factor.

It is well known that certain foods, such as those high in saturated fats, can increase your risk of heart disease. However, research has shown that not only does the type of food you eat matter but also when you eat.

One expert took to social media platform TikTok to explain more. Cardiologist Doctor Abeer Berry revealed that eating your meals earlier in the day could actually lower your risk of heart disease.

She said: “Want to know an easy way to reduce your risk of developing heart disease?

“Eat your meals earlier. Cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death in the world.

“In 2019 alone, cardiovascular disease led to over 18 million deaths where almost eight million of them were attributable to diet.

“So, clearly diet plays an important role in the progression and development of cardiovascular disease.”

She referenced a French study from December 2023 in which scientists analysed the data of more than 100,000 people.

“They found that the later you ate your first meal of the day the higher your risk of developing cardiovascular disease,” she continued.

The findings were even so specific to suggest that each delayed hour increased your risk more and more.

Dr Berry said: “And every hour later that you ate it, that risk increased by six percent.

“So for example, someone who ate their breakfast at 9am versus that person who ate at 8am, had a six percent increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.”

This was also true of the last meal of the day.

“And eating your last meal later at night, was associated with even a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease,” she warned.

“Eating meals past 8pm in comparison to those who ate their last meal before 8pm, those people who ate later had a 28 percent increased risk of developing a stroke.”

Taking longer gaps between eating was also recommended.

Dr Berry added: “And finally the longer you fasted between your last meal and your next first meal, so those sleeping hours or those nighttime hours where you’re not eating.

“The less likely you were going to develop a stroke.

“So there’s a reduced risk of developing stroke with the longer you fasted at night.”

She concluded: “Get your meals in as early as possible and stop eating as early as possible to reduce your risk of having heart disease and strokes.”

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