Homemade Paw Wax Balm Dog

Homemade Paw Wax Balm Dog

Homemade Paw Wax

I recently saw an advertisement for paw wax. I thought it was a great idea! So I went to the website and it was $26 for a small container, not including shipping. I figured it wouldn’t be hard to make it myself.

What is paw wax and why use it?

Homemade paw wax, as the name suggests, is wax for your dog’s paws. It’s a blend of wax and oils that coat the underside of the paw, protect the paw from the elements (ice, snow, etc.), and heal any existing abrasions.

With the wax, it also repels moisture (like snow and rain) so your furry friend won’t track as much into the house. And my DIY version is non-toxic so you won’t have to worry if your dog licks his paws.

All-Natural Ingredients Safe for Animals

The wax in this recipe creates a moisture barrier that keeps snow and rain off of the pads. It also creates an undesirable environment for bacteria, decreasing the chance of infections if your dog should be cut on sharp ice or something else. The safflower oil is high in Vitamin E, which helps to heal any abrasions on the surface of the pad. The olive oil is a good penetrating oil that will soften and condition the skin on the paw. And the castor oil is a thick oil that will stand up to constant use and help with moisturizing and conditioning the skin.

Natural Homemade Paw Wax For Animals



In a double boiler, melt the wax and oils. Carefully pour into the tin or molds. If using molds, wait until cool to pop out of the molds. Store in a cool place.

If you find this mixture is too soft, melt down again and add another teaspoon of wax. If it is too hard, add a bit more oil. Waxes will vary from different areas, so you may need to experiment a bit to find the right consistency.

To Use

Simply rub over the dog’s paws just before heading outside. If you made bars of wax, the dog’s body heat will melt these when rubbed on.

And don’t worry when your dog licks his paws. It’s all non toxic!

Have you used homemade paw wax on your animal(s)? If so, how did it work?


Source: DIY Natural

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