Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are a great way to save money, express your creativity, and give family members a unique DIY gift that can’t be bought with cash!

Homemade Christmas Gifts

I always feel a bit overwhelmed by our society’s shopping mentality during the Christmas season. The stores are so packed with holiday shoppers that I don’t even want to venture to the grocery store for bananas for fear I’ll be swept away by the flurry of frantic customers.

Instead of flocking to the same stores as the masses, and fighting for the last XBOX 360, I much prefer sitting in the quiet of my home and crafting my very own meaningful homemade Christmas gifts.

Consider the DIY option as Christmas draws near and shoppers grow more frenzied by the day. Whether you’re looking to stay out of the mall, save money, put a personal touch on every gift you give, or just impress people with your DIY savvy, we’ve got some inspiration for DIY gifts to please just about anyone.

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Everyone

Check out these DIY goodies that will be a good fit for each person on your list:

For the Kids

I love making gifts for kids. They are usually the easiest to please. This article on gifts for kids contains a whole list of things you can make yourself, whether you’re handy at sewing, woodworking, painting, or none of the above.

For the Teen Girl

Okay, stepping into trickier territory here. If the teenage girl on your list likes to lock herself in the bathroom for hours, she may like a spa package full of homemade body scrubs, bath bomb fizzies, or scented bath salts. (The rest of the family members might not like you for a while, but she’ll be thrilled.)

For the Teen Boy

How about homemade Christmas gifts for a teenage boy that do not fall under the technology category? Paracord survival bracelets are for the teen who dreams of adventure, likes the outdoors, or might just enjoy something a little different. You tie, knot, and weave several feet of parachute cord into a bracelet that can be untied and used in a survival situation. Watch a video to learn how to tie one, and see how to add a plastic buckle in this article. Look too complicated to finish before Christmas? Consider creating a kit with the supplies and instructions, and making it together after Christmas.

For the College Student

Put together a late-night study kit for college students on your Christmas list. Include a jar of instant chai latte mix with a box of teabags – they can whip it up in a hurry and get back to the books. A bucket full of homemade granola will keep them from eating candy bars and is crunchy enough to keep them from dozing.

For the Cook

If you know someone who loves spending time in the kitchen, give homemade Christmas gifts the cook can throw into delicious recipes. Homemade pumpkin pie spice is simple to make and can be nestled in a gift basket with other homemade seasoning mixtures. Flavored kinds of vinegar are also fun to give. It only takes two ingredients to make raspberry vinegar. (But it has to sit for about 2 weeks, so start today!) Tie on a ribbon and attach the recipe for a tangy Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing.

For the New Homeowner

You might have a friend or family member who has just bought a new home. Give a gift that will help them save money, and keep their home beautiful, clean, and chemical-free. You can give them a copy of our book, DIY Natural Household Cleaners, along with a batch of homemade laundry soap to test out.

For the Pet Owner

You’ll win the heart of your dog-owning friends when you show up with homemade Christmas gifts for their furry friend. Homemade dog treats are simple to make and make such a cute gift.

For the Athlete

Fitness fanatics might enjoy a jar of rejuvenating bath salts for soaking sore muscles. You could also include a new BPA-free water bottle with an attached recipe for a homemade natural sports drink.

For the Gardener

Do you have a friend or family member who loves digging in the dirt? Their hands and nails could probably benefit from a luxurious hand scrub. Use the body scrub recipe to formulate a deliciously-scented exfoliant that will clean away dirt and debris and leave their hands smooth.

For the Newlyweds

Are there newlyweds on your list this year? As they share their first Christmas together, you can help make it special with homemade Christmas gifts! For example, you can give them homemade ornaments to adorn their first tree. A little homemade holiday air freshener will make their home smell wonderful as they create new holiday memories together.

For Parents of Young Children

Give the new parents homemade baby wipes and wipe solution and a jar of herbal healing ointment for all the boo-boos they tend to during the day. But let’s not make it all about the kids…I’m sure most parents would appreciate a spritzer full of aromatherapy linen spray so they can actually catch some z’s after a long day. And if you’re feeling generous, include a coupon for some free babysitting while you’re at it!

For the Man who has Everything

Forgo the novelty gadgets from Brookstone and whip up some homemade Christmas gifts he might really enjoy. Homemade herbal shaving oil and aftershave will transport him back to a day when hot towels and straight razors were part of a relaxing barbershop shaving experience.

For the Neighbors

Show your neighbors you haven’t forgotten about the time they shoveled your driveway, looked after your house, or kept quiet on Saturday mornings while you slept in. Stop by with a thoughtful gift like cinnamon roasted almonds, while they’re still warm! Or whip up a large batch of chocolate syrup and split it between several of your favorite neighbors.

Start Creating Your Gifts Now

Finding the right homemade Christmas gifts for everyone isn’t easy, but hopefully, you’re inspired and now it’s time to get cracking!

Maybe you’ve already got a wonderful list of DIY gifts you’re giving this year. Share your creative ideas with the community! 


Source: DIY Natural

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