The DOJ and FBI have tracked down grandmas and every rando who took a selfie in the Capitol, but for some really odd reason, neither agency can find a single Epstein client. Not a single pedophile.

Epstein’s dead, and his procurer is residing at Club Fed, but none of the disgusting child rapists on Epstein’s client list have been arrested, let alone prosecuted. Not. One.

Weird. It’s like no one named Clinton will ever be punished. But rest assured, America, the FBI never rests. Real criminals will be caught. The FBI and DOJ will track down and find every selfie-taking, MAGA-hat wearing rando who walked into the Capitol.

Pedophiles with lots of money and fame, and maybe “former president” in front of their name? Nah, they walk free. Amazing what advantages come with having friends named Clinton and putting blinders on the FBI.