So you’ve noticed that food prices are rising these days (um, what else is new). And you’ve probably noticed that that includes all the nutritious stuff. Prioritizing your health can feel like a hefty investment—and it can be tricky to navigate what’s worth the splurge (and set some attainable summer wellness goals while you’re at it). A little help here?

According to Chelsey Amer, registered dietitian and mom of two, there are two main things to consider: 1. which foods are fan-favorites among your family, and 2. which foods provide the most nutritious bang for your buck. The fruit that fits the bill in her kitchen? Avocados. “With food prices soaring across the board, avocados are definitely an investment [for] your meals, but also your health,” she says.

No, the avocado isn’t the newest kid on the nutrient-dense block—but there’s a whole host of reasons (that you can see on this handy guide) why it’s stuck around, and it’s not going anywhere fast. Its nutritional value and versatility make it worthy of daily consumption, Amer says. “From one delicious fruit, you can create a nutritious dip, sauce, topping, and even dessert.” Plus, the fiber found in avocados helps with feeling satisfied until your next meal or snack

For even more intel on the nutritional value of avocados, we teamed up with Fresh Avocados – Love One Today® and Amer for a deep dive on why avocado is worth adding to your daily menu (yes, even when it feels extra). Hint: It’s because you—and your health—are worth it.

Daily avocado consumption can support your wellness goals

If investing in your health sounds like a great idea, but you’re not sure how to actually start, set a wellness goal or two for yourself. Think: eating a healthy breakfast, focusing more attentively on family and friends by limiting screen time when you’re together, or finally committing to an evening yoga practice.

Whatever intentions you set this summer, supporting them with healthy eating patterns—focusing on nutrient-dense foods that provide substantial amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients—is key for achieving them. Adding fresh avocados to your daily diet gives you nutrients that can help keep you full, energized, and fueled to take on any goal, thanks to their combo of unsaturated fats and fiber (more on that in a bit), plus nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. “There’s a reason avocado was the first food I fed my kids,” Amer says. “You get a big nutrient bang for your buck!” Plus, they’re mild in flavor and have a smooth, creamy consistency that can easily be prepared in a way that’s child-safe. So this summer, set a goal of adding avocado to a recipe or two.

The fats in avocados make them seriously satisfying

When the mid-afternoon hunger hits, consider slicing open an avocado. With a unique content of unsaturated fats (psst: those are the healthy ones, and avocados are virtually the only fruit that contain them), a fresh avocado is the super-satiating option your snack time might be missing. Try sprinkling it with chili-lime or umami seasoning—you can thank us later.

Beyond keeping you satisfied throughout your day, the unsaturated fat in avocados acts as a nutrient booster by helping to increase your body’s absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (like A, D, E, and K). What’s more, avocados have been explored for their potential role in brain health, as seen in a 2021 Frontiers study, and avocado intake specifically has been linked to supporting heart health. For instance, a 2022 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association examined avocado intake and heart health parameters. The Avocado Nutrition Center, which works to grow the world’s scientific understanding of the avocado, has supported this research and has been a key entity in growing the popularity of this delicious fruit.

“While eating avocado is not a bulletproof solution, you can look at it as an upfront, preventative investment in your health,” Amer says.

Avocados are a good source of dietary fiber (hello, happy gut)

Problem: Most Americans don’t eat enough fiber. Part of the solution: Just one third of a medium avocado contains three grams of fiber (11 percent of your daily fiber needs). And regularly eating foods with fiber, as part of an overall healthy diet, can help reduce your risk of heart disease and some cancers, Amer says.

Daily dietary fiber is critical when it comes to gut health, too. Emerging research suggests that the state of your gut plays a major role in your overall health, impacting conditions like type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, and colon cancer—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as researchers are continuing to learn more.

Just call avocados the ultimate crowd-pleaser

All the health benefits of fresh avocados are great, but don’t sleep on the fact that this green goodness tastes amazing, too. “As a mom, the [biggest] reason avocados are in my shopping cart weekly is because my entire family will actually eat them (and there aren’t many foods that fit that bill),” Amer says.

And, the creaminess and versatility make them perfect for all kinds of crowd-pleasing bites. “I hate wasting food, but avocados are so versatile, it’s guaranteed they’ll get used,” she says, “whether it’s mashed into chicken salad, added to salmon burgers, used as a taco topping, blended into a dipping sauce or smoothie, or [baked into] cookies.” Drooling yet? Go ahead and opt for avocados—your whole fam will thank you, and your body will, too.

For more recipes and inspiration on how to incorporate fresh avocado into everyday meals, check out Love One Today. 


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