Aimee Song, an influencer with 6.2 million followers, revealed the birth of her first child, a boy. Along with lover Jacopo Moschin, the 34-year-old welcomed her kid. The mother had a water delivery. Despite the fact that the new parents did not have a birthing pool, she gave birth in the couple’s house tub. In November, the Song of Style designer revealed that she was expecting a child. She posted a photo of herself and Moschin kissing in front of the Duomo di Milano. Aimee Song announced the birth of her son, Teo Felix, in an Instagram video posted on February 22. The caption was as follows:

What is Aimee Song’s boyfriend’s name?

Jacopo Moschin, the new father, is an entrepreneur and former fashion photographer. He is the creator of the production firm Likewise, and he also works in property trading and art investing on the side. He also serves as the creative director for N87, Inc. Moschino has partnered with the most prestigious luxury companies, including Dior, Prada, and John Hardy, as well as Zara. His art has appeared in major publications such as Vogue US, Financial Times, Amica, and others. At the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the 30-year-old studied Advertising and Media. He received his master’s degree in fashion communication from the University of the Arts London. Aimee Song and Jacopo Moschin met in Morocco on a vacation funded by an influencer.

Jacopo Moschin

Aimee Song discusses her desire for a child above a wedding.

Song’s pregnancy announcement in 2021 was followed by a video on her YouTube page in which she expressed her joy about establishing a family. The influencer said that she and her partner were “at a crossroads” over whether or not to continue their relationship. She continued, saying:

“I’d never really seen myself being married, wearing a white bridal gown…but then I’d always imagined myself becoming a parent.” “I’d always wanted to be a mother.”

Jacopo Moschin

Song claimed that she informed Moschin she wanted to have a kid, something her lover was skeptical about. Song opted to freeze her embryos after “intensive counseling, which was quite beneficial.” This was unneeded since the couple conceived spontaneously after just one attempt.