If you’re a chef as celebrated and wildly successful as James Martin, it is hardly a surprise that you spend the better part of your day in the kitchen-  if not all of it. 

While whipping up inventive food is the primary focus of your job, the adjunct responsibility is to try them. But responsibility or not, temptation lurks in every corner of your ‘workspace’. 

The erratic schedule can further throw your routine in disarray, as you succumb to quick, easy, unhealthy options that would fill your stomach. 

James Martin admitted to “stuffing his face with fizzy soft drinks”  to The Herald, and added that he would consume “tons” of unhealthy foods when he’s working.

Snacking while cooking is an indulgence we all allow ourselves, and it is a part of our meal that we consider ‘invisible’ and don’t account for the harm it does to our bodies. 

James Martin’s huge five stone weight loss is indicative of small changes and exchanges that we can make to our diets, without having to hop on the gym bus.

“The way I lost weight is by cutting down soft drinks,” the celebrity chef revealed to Hello! Magazine.

Fizzy drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar, and no essential nutrients, vitamins or fibre. Cutting out these drinks is one of the easiest ways to lower your sugar intake and unnecessary calories.

While it isn’t unknown that sugar intake is associated with weight gain, the concentrated high level of sugar that are in these drinks are directly linked to belly fat accumulation.

According to Healthline, carbonated drinks like Coke could actually increase diabetes, heart disease and cancer risks, and are overall bad news when it comes to dental health and hygiene. 

James Martin gives credit to swapping out fizzy drinks for good old water for his successful weight loss journey. 

When asked about his diet on Loose Women, the celebrity chef said: “ It’s crazy when you give up soft drinks how much more your brain feels alive, it’s very weird.”

And his secret? “Water is the key. As you get older, I realised I don’t need to go to the gym, I’m working all the time anyway. It’s just the water.”

He added, “The minute I swapped to water, it was nearly three stone.”

Fizzy drinks are considered to be highly addictive, so making the switch is easier said than done. 

One can slowly cut it out of their diet, by gradually replacing it with drinks that taste similar and have less sugar, like fresh juices and smoothies, before committing entirely to water. 

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