Juice diets are based around consuming a variety of juiced fruits and vegetables and involve avoiding solid food for a set period of time. The calorie intake is usually very restricted which means your diet will be in a large deficit, allowing you to lose weight fast. Juice diets should only be done short-term but they can be repeated throughout the year.

For three to five days before a juice cleanse it is recommended to start eliminating certain foods like sugar, meat, dairy and alcohol to lower the risk of withdrawal symptoms.

Cutting these food groups out of your diet can also help improve your mood.

It is also advised to increase your fluid intake before the cleanse begins.

You can easily make your own juices at home and should be drinking around three a day, just like you would usually eat meals.

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Watermelon contains lots of water and is one fruit that has almost no calories in it at all. 100 grams of this juicy fruit contains just 30 calories which will help keep you hydrated.

It is also rich in something called amino acids which can help burn fat when consumed daily in your juice.

Cucumber is one of the best foods that has a high water content and many nutrients.

It is packed with fibre and when juiced, can be refreshing and keep you full for a long time.

It is recommended to stay clear of fruits that are high in sugars as this can actually cause weight gain and high blood sugar.

One great benefit from a juice cleanse is that your body will be getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

Healthline says: “If you struggle to eat enough fruits and vegetables each day, juicing is a convenient way to get a wide range of important nutrients.”

One study showed that a group of overweight men lost 20lbs in just two weeks following a simple juice diet cleanse.

After your juice cleanse it is important to stick to whole foods like legumes and fruits and continue to avoid foods with added sugar or preservatives.

However it isn’t recommended to stay on juice diets for a long period of time as they can have many side effects including headaches.

Your body also enters fasting mode for many hours of the day and you can end up putting all the weight back on when returning to normal eating.

Although if you only do a juice diet for around 3 days at a time then you should be able to keep the weight lost off.

You may see weight loss results quickly and are suitable for a quick fix, but long-term, a healthy balanced diet with exercise is recommended to lose weight.

Source: Daily Express | Diet