Ever since McDonald’s discontinued its beloved Snack Wraps in 2016, fans have been relentlessly pleading with the fast-food chain to bring the beloved menu item out of retirement. Now, even McDonald’s franchisees are adding their voices to the campaign for the Snack Wrap’s return.

For the uninitiated, Snack Wraps were a simple combination of chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese, and sauce inside a tortilla wrap. Their handheld format made them ideal for eating on the go, and they were very affordable at under $2.

More than seven years after Snack Wraps were pulled from menus, the National Owners Association—an independent advocacy group of McDonald’s franchise operators—is now calling on the Golden Arches to consider bringing them back.

“McDonald’s created the Snack Wrap as a value offering and now many [quick-service restaurant] competitors are promoting them while McDonald’s has removed them from the menu,” the association wrote in a letter to members, which was viewed by Restaurant Business Magazine. “Snack wraps are craveable, relatively simple to produce, would require only a couple new menu items on the prep table, and could easily satisfy the call for more affordable options on the menu. Let’s bring them back!”

McDonald's Canada Ranch Chicken Snack Wrap
McDonald’s Canada

This new push for McDonald’s to bring back the Snack Wrap as a value offering came after the chain increased its prices by about 10% in 2023. Consumers have been slamming the Golden Arches on social media over the decrease in affordability—and some have even changed their McDonald’s dining habits in response.

During a Feb. 5 earnings call, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski revealed that lower-income consumers have been visiting its restaurants less as eating at home becomes more affordable. And when they do dine at McDonald’s, these customers aren’t ordering as much or they’re opting for less expensive menu items, Kempczinski said.

McDonald’s operators seem to believe that bringing back the low-priced Snack Wrap could improve its standing with diners who want more affordable options. But considering that McDonald’s customers have yet to convince the chain to do so, it’s unclear if the National Owners Association has enough sway with the company to make it happen.

To be fair, McDonald’s recently indicated that it plans to develop a new spin on the Snack Wrap as an extension of its McCrispy chicken sandwich line. However, it could be quite some time before the new wraps hit menus since McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger said they’re “still in the early days” of the development process. It’s also not a guarantee that the McCrispy wraps will taste like the old Snack Wraps or sell at the same low price point, though fans can certainly hope that the new wraps are just like the ones they already know and love.

Zoe Strozewski

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