Dejounte Murray’s parents, Meka and John Murray were unable to spend much of his childhood with him. Murray was raised in a difficult area in South End Seattle. His mother, Meka, was continuously facing accusations, and his father, John, was not around. But the Atlanta Hawks shooting guard surrounded himself with the right people at the right moment, otherwise who knows what would have happened to him?

When Murray was in sixth grade, former NBA player Jamal Crawford spotted his potential and prevented him from developing negative habits. Finally, Murray’s involvement with the gang ended when he was in tenth school. Murray made the game-winning three-pointer against the Orlando Magic, helping the Hawks win 120-119 with 31 seconds remaining. Murray has built a great bond with his teammate Trae Young, and the two recently expressed similar views on the Hawks’ In-Season Tournament promotion.

Meet Dejounte Murray’s parents, Meka and John Murray

Dejounte Murray’s parents, Meka and John Murray were never there while the NBA player grew up. The Atlanta Hawks player comes from a shattered home. At the age of five, most children become more socially engaging and expressive. However, at that age, Murray had a good concept of what a narcotic was.

Dejounte Murray

He had realized that the majority of his family members were members of gangs and engaged in criminal activity. He was able to identify drug addicts and traffickers. Murray told Sports Illustrated that he had heard rumors of his great-grandmother being in a gang. His mother fell into gang life and spent time in and out of jail. One strong bond, and another growing one with his parents. Dejounte and Meka, a mother and son combination, would jump from one residence to another. When Murray was arrested for the first time in middle school, he and his mother were removed from state housing.

Murray wrote an emotional message for his mother in 2019, praising her for keeping her promise. Murray wrote that his mother had returned from jail and promised him she would never go back. And Meka did it. She supported her son and saw him become one of the best basketball players in the country. Murray also had a close relationship with his stepfather, whom he dubbed Heavy Chevy. Murray shared a touching tribute in memory of his stepfather, who died in 2020. Murray and his father, John, did not have a great connection. Murray admits that he wasn’t a deadbeat, but he wasn’t a father who would be there to care for his children.

Dejounte Murray

But those days are long passed. Instead of following the family legacy, Murray lowered his head and began surrounding himself with the appropriate people. In recent years, his relationship with his father has also improved significantly. Murray gave his father an SUV for Father’s Day last year and posted a video of it on Instagram. The Hawks player said in the caption that he wanted to reconnect with his father before it was too late. He also said that his father recognized his absence from Murray’s life as a child.

Dejounte Murray Is the Father of Two Girls

Dejounte Murray, a 2022 NBA All-Star, and his two partners have welcomed two lovely children. The basketball star is said to have married Jania Meshell, although the date is uncertain. Dejounte had a baby daughter with his prior girlfriend before starting to meet Jania in 2020. His former partner’s identity is unknown.

Riley, Murray’s eldest daughter, has already gone to multiple basketball games with her father. Earlier this year, Dejounte sent a heartfelt birthday message to his daughter. He brought his daughter and the rest of the family to celebrate the special event. Dejounte has always said that he wants his children to enjoy a better upbringing than himself. On April 9, 2023, Dejounte had his second daughter, Icelynn Mercedes Murray. Icelynn is the second child of both Dejountey and Jania. Jania has a son called Kacey with NBA Youngboy, an American rapper.

Dejounte Murray

In 2022, NBA Youngboy had a disagreement with Murray about the basketball player’s care of his kid. Jania cleared the air, claiming Dejounte had never treated Kacey improperly. The family images show that Dejounte has done his best to integrate their family, and Kacey is also an important member of the Murray home.