This page is about Pava Lapere’s parents and family. Pava LaPere created a profitable software firm that gained her national exposure as well as local political power. Nonetheless, she never lost sight of what had inspired her from the start: building connections, cultivating community, and using business to effect substantial social change.

In the days after her horrific death from what authorities say was a random assault at her Baltimore apartment complex, loved ones recalled LaPere as a bundle of vim and ambition with an unwavering confidence in the human ability for positive change. They swore to commemorate her legacy by working hard and being good to others during a vigil on Wednesday night. The corpse of the 26-year-old entrepreneur and recent Johns Hopkins graduate was discovered late Monday morning with indications of blunt force trauma. She had gone missing not long before. People want to know about Pava Lapere’s parents and family, so keep reading to find out more.

Pava LaPere’s Parents and Family: Frank LaPere, Father, and Mother

LaPere, the CEO and co-founder of EcoMap, was a rising star in the IT industry. She was 26 years old at the time. Her father, Frank LaPere, discussed his daughter’s death and the impact she left on social media. Frank (the father) and Caroline LaPere are Pava LaPere’s parents. Despite the fact that Pava LaPere is currently generating news, we do not know his parents’ names, dates of birth, ages, or employment at this moment.

Pava Lapere

Her friends and relatives are still trying to figure out how she lived and died. “Pava has inspired so many people,” Frank LaPere said. Working with her amazing EcoMap Technologies team, she was driven, imaginative, thorough, and tenacious in her efforts. Frank LaPere said that his daughter would be “forever missed as a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and loyal friend.”

Pava was a master at bringing people together, according to Kory Bailey. Bailey continued, “She made it her life’s work to bring people together, and I miss her.” LaPere’s family stated in a statement that they had “lost a deeply loved daughter, sister, and friend who could understand all of us in a way that no other human being could.”

Family Mourns The Loss

She had an impact on everyone she came into touch with. We have lost a much-loved daughter, sister, and friend who was the one person who really understood us all. Pava had a unique perspective on our lives and the wisdom to see that each individual is unique and valuable. Pava’s advice and contemplation helped all of us acquire perspective and the will to persevere in the face of adversity. We are still in disbelief and cannot comprehend Pava’s death.

After the dust settles, the true scope of this tragedy will become clear only in the quiet hours of life. Pava’s realistic optimism should be carried on by all of us. The Ecomap team, the City of Baltimore, and the worldwide entrepreneurial community all bear responsibility for the loss. Pava dedicated her whole life, her skill, and her persistent work ethic to our mutual betterment.

Pava Lapere

Pava traveled to Baltimore to study at Johns Hopkins University and worked hard to establish her vision for the city. She admired Baltimore, its people, its potential, its art, architecture, and history. There was no better representation of the city’s best qualities. Pava, you are much loved and missed. Numerous happy memories and the awareness that the influence you left here during your short time will live on for future generations provide us with serenity.

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