Why Tungsten?

Tungsten is one of those products that many times anglers consider to be a tool that fits the more advance angler’s needs. It’s more costly than lead and other alternatives, but the benefits outweigh the few extra cents even for the most novice angler.

Swagger Tungsten – Ned Flanders Tungsten Head


So what benefit does tungsten give you? Well, for starters the entire focus around the use of tungsten is the ability to use the same weight as lead, but with a much smaller size. Tungsten is 60% smaller than lead of equal weight. This is helpful for when you’re pitching and flipping for bass. When you set the hook after a strike, the weight you’re using can hinder the hook set depending on the size of it. The larger the weight’s size, the greater the chance to miss the hook set you need.

Swagger Tungsten – Flipping Weights


Tungsten lets you feel the bottom incredibly better than lead. This is particularly important when fishing deep water, or when you need to feel the bottom composition as you work an area. Tungsten allows you to feel the difference when you move from the rocky bottom to a softer, sand bottom and allows you to sense the bottom when drifting in deeper bodies of water.

Why Swagger Tungsten?

While there are many companies out there that sell tungsten, there is one company that stands above the rest. Swagger Tungsten is my favorite tungsten company and here are a few reasons why they are a step above the rest.

  • Stamped weights for easy, organized storage
  • Patented powder paint so weights don’t chip
  • Polished cores making weights 4x’s less abrasive on your line
  • Quality components – Ned heads 2x Mustad ultra point low flex hook
  • 97% Ultra Dense Tungsten with 7 sizes & colors you can’t get elsewhere
Swagger Tungsten – Ned Flanders Head


Tungsten is more expensive and people can shy away from it for this reason. Swagger Tungsten is consistently less expensive than the prices you’ll find in big box stores.

Wondering how you can save even more? In addition to the seasonal sales that you should watch for throughout the year, be sure to look for promotional codes from anglers who are on the promotional team. (For example, today you can get 15% off with code: BP15 when you checkout at www.swaggertackle.com.)

Please give Swagger Tungsten a shot. I am a firm believer in their product – both in quality and affordability. Once you start to give their tungsten a try on the water you will notice an increased proficiency in hook set ratios, feeling your bait, and casting accuracy.

Tight lines!

Source: The Fishidy Blog