Riccardo Patrese is a former Formula One driver. He had enormous popularity and financial success throughout his 16-year racing career. So, what is Patrese’s net worth? Throughout his F1 career, the Italian-born driver participated in 257 races, starting in 256. Despite not winning a championship, he has won six Formula One races, the first of which came in 1982 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Riccardo was a well-known driver who most likely made a good living from it. According to Forbes, the highest-paid racing drivers of this age, including Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, will earn $60 million and $55 million, respectively, in 2022. Patrese raced professionally from 1977 until his retirement in 1993, representing teams such as Canon Williams Team and Warsteiner Arrows Racing Team. He mostly drove Ford and Renault.

Four of his six Formula One victories came while racing for Renault from 1990 to 1992. After leaving the race track, he pursued show jumping while still attending races in later years. He finished third in the 2005 Grand Prix Masters format for retired format One driver at Kyalami GP Circuit, after Nigel Mansell and Emerson Fittipaldi. Riccardo returned out of retirement temporarily in 2018 to race in the Spa 24 Hours, where his team finished 32nd. He joined Loïc Depailler (son of veteran F1 driver Patrick Depailler), Bertrand Baguette, and Esteban Guerrieri to race the Honda NSX GT3 for the Castrol Honda Racing team.

Riccardo Patrese Net Worth in 2024: Career Earnings and Income.

Riccardo withdrew from Formula One three decades ago, yet his racing style and accomplishments continue to be seen on the track today. Riccardo Patrese’s net worth is expected to be $2 million as of 2024. The majority of his wealth came from his Formula One racing. Like other racers, he had contracts with racing teams that paid him well–which is understandable considering that they risked their lives.

Riccardo Patrese

The F1 drivers are paid a salary rather than being deducted from the team’s budget limit. Some contracts may include a bonus for their success on the track, whilst endorsements/sponsorships provide additional cash. Patrese won six Formula One races from 1977 and 1993 under his name. His victories included the 1982 Monaco GP, the 1983 South African GP, the 1990 San Marino GP, the 1991 Mexican GP, the 1991 Portuguese GP, and the 1992 Japanese Grand Prix.

Throughout his career, the Italian racing driver raced in 257 races, setting a record for the most starts (256 races). Later, Rubens Barrichello overtook him, making his 258th Grand Prix appearance in the 2008 Turkish Grand Prix. Riccardo never revealed his career earnings, although he might have earned well into the seven figures.

F1 Racers Also Have to Pay a Hefty Registration Fee

Even if top racers make a lot of money, the FIA has a law in place to control the flow of money. According to reports, drivers must pay a registration cost with a main tag of $11,000, which is an additional $2,230 per point over the previous season. For example, Verstappen had to pay a $1 million registration fee to compete in the 2023 Formula One season. The same methods may have applied to Riccardo Patrese, a former racing driver. However, when compared to the possible profit, the registration price seems to be insignificant.

What Is Riccardo Patrese Doing These Days?

The 69-year-old former Formula One driver was born on April 17, 1954, and is now in retirement. Patrese continued to race in the years after his retirement, competing in the 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 2005 Grand Prix Masters, and the 2018 Spa 24 Hours. He also took up show jumping, winning an Italian national amateur championship before retiring in 2014. Sideways, the retired racer is exploring his love for model trains.

Riccardo Patrese

Riccardo, the father of five children from two marriages, now resides in Milan, Italy, with his second wife. He and his second wife, Francesca Accordim (whom he married in 2001), have two children: Lorenzo (born on August 12, 2005), and Elena (born in 2014). He has three children with his previous wife, Susi: Simone Patrese, a boy, and Maddelena and Beatrice Patrese, twin girls.