Being able to predict what’s going to happen to your body before it happens is a very valuable thing, according to Eric Berg.

The chiropractor and YouTube star explained: “The problem with healthcare is when you go to the doctor and you have these clues or symptoms, they treat them directly. They don’t use them to understand what’s going on.

“But what if you were to use these indicators differently to help understand what the body really needs.”

Dr Berg outlined five health conditions, the early warning signs, and how they can be treated.

Heart attack or cardiovascular disease

The warning signs are usually chest pain, pain in your left jaw, pain in your left shoulder, or pain that goes down the left arm, said Dr Berg. Also when you climb stairs or do anything up an incline, you don’t feel right, something feels off whether you feel out of breath, dizzy.

He advised: “This could be the beginning of a heart attack, and one really good test to get is called a CAC test. This is a relatively quick test that can measure the calcification inside your arteries which is a really good predictor of whether you’re going to have a heart attack or not.”

Dr Berg said one of the best things to take as a natural remedy is vitamin E in the form of tocotrienols. He added: “Another good remedy is vitamin K2 because that helps to remove calcium in the arteries. And of course radically change your diet.”

Some of the early warning signs of a stroke or that you’re getting a stroke could be anything on one side of your body being a problem, said Dr Berg.

He explained: “Let’s say you smile and the left side of your face just doesn’t quite move, or you raise both of your arms up and one arm doesn’t go up. Those are classic examples you could be having a stroke.”

Another sign is your speech is slurred. Dr Berg said: “So when you have a stroke there’s always this short period of time when you can do something about it quickly and they can give you a certain medication that thins the blood to get rid of the clotting. Because the problem with a stroke is a lack of oxygen in a certain part of your brain, it’s called hypoxia. And the longer that your brain goes without oxygen, the more damage that can occur.”

The best thing to do, said Dr Berg, is to go to the emergency room and get that checked out.


Some of the early warning signs are a little tickle in your throat, an irritating cough that won’t go away, or maybe excessive sneezing or a runny nose. “All of these can be indicators that your body’s coming down with something,” said Dr Berg.

He continued: “The most important thing to do is to take vitamin D3 in large amounts, I’m talking about 50,000 IUs. Adding some zinc and vitamin C can also be helpful.

“If you have any echinacea around that’s another good one. And then also just to stay really hot and warm, to the point where you’re sweating, so if you can generate a fever that can quickly kill it off.”

What many people do, said Dr Berg, is they take medication to suppress the fever, which is the very thing that’s going to help you overcome the virus.

He warned: “In fact when people take aspirin to cut the fever down, now the duration of the infection is longer.”

One of the indications of fatty liver is that your stomach is protruding, you have belly fat, added Dr Berg.

Other symptoms include itchy skin. Dr Berg said: “The solution for that is to go on a low carb, healthy ketogenic diet, with intermittent fasting, and you’re going to have to definitely avoid alcohol, eating frequently like snacks.

“And you may want to even take some choline, which actually can help strip off fat from the liver.”


Some of the warning signs of a gallstone can be your urine is darker, your stool floats, your stool is light coloured or you might have constipation.

Dr Berg said: “All of those items that I mentioned are a symptom of low bile salts. Bile salts are made by the liver, stored in the gallbladder, and when you don’t have enough bile, you start to develop a super concentrated crystal form of cholesterol. If you have enough bile it would dissolve all that cholesterol.

“The solution for this is to add more bile salts and do that for a period of time.”

While colds and flu can be treated at home, if you suspect you have any more serious health problems, speak to your GP.

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