Beauty enthusiasts are being warned to give a wide berth to an emerging anti-ageing fad, as a specialist argues it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

From the bizarre snail slime facials to unbelievable salmon DNA injections, social media platforms like TikTok are awash with unconventional methods promising to keep your skin youthful. But an industry insider has now cautioned against one particular treatment that’s gaining traction online.

Believe it or not, this treatment is the collagen face mask as Darcy Laceby, the co-founder of Absolute Collagen (@absolute collagen), claims it just isn’t as good as people think. She said: “At the moment we are seeing collagen masks everywhere, especially following the recent rise in the popularity of multiple-step skincare routines – but do they actually work and are you getting bang for your buck?

“Well, unfortunately, collagen masks don’t work towards increasing your collagen levels.”

Collagen, the protein that’s vital for our skin, muscles, and bones, diminishes as we age, leading to fine lines, wrinkles, and drier skin.

That’s why various studies recommend collagen-based beauty products to combat this – though, picking the right one makes all the difference. Collagen itself, is a huge molecule that can’t actually pass through the surface layer of skin unless it’s in the form of ‘hydrolysed collagen’.

This is made up much smaller fragments that can tackle visible signs of ageing from the outside, but still can’t get very deep when part of creams and masks. Darcy explained: “Don’t waste your money on buying collagen masks, creams and serums as the only benefit you’ll get from applying collagen directly to your skin is very minimal hydration.

“The only face masks, creams and serums that effectively work are pro-collagen products or ones containing collagen-boosting peptides that support collagen production.”

Instead, Darcy recommends bolstering your collagen levels by taking supplements. These are absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream, effectively tackling signs of ageing from within, while also bolstering nail health.

Some studies even suggest it may improve muscle mass too, though research is still ongoing. Darcy emphasised: “So, remember, you do not need collagen as an ingredient in your skincare routine, only in your supplement routine.”

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