STAR Wars star Billy Dee Williams has come down from Cloud City to promote his new biography.

The man who played Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars franchise shocked many with his unrecognizable appearance.

Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando Calrissian, has a new book

Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando Calrissian, has a new bookCredit: Kobal Collection – Rex Features
The 86-year-old was unrecognizable in an electric scooter

The 86-year-old was unrecognizable in an electric scooterCredit: THE SUN

Billy was spotted in New York, where he has been hitting the talk show circuit to discuss his memoir, What Have We Here?

The 86-year-old was confined to an electric scooter as he entered a building.

He was also clutching a support cane in one hand.

Billy dressed warmly in a full-length brown coat laying over a black and white scarf.

He paired it with some black pants, and black socks-and-shoes combo.

The former owner of the Millennium Falcon showed his years, with his one-time full head of hair now reduced and slicked back.


One of Billy’s promotional tour stops took him to The View, where he had an awkward interview with Whoopi Goldberg.

Billy’s answers came a bit short and stilted as Whoopi, 68, and the rest of the crew listened to how he got his start in the movie industry.

There were several odd moments during the chat with Billy.

The awkward interview rubbed many the wrong way, including a question from Sunny Hostin.

The View fans cringe over ‘unhinged and painful interview’ as they slam Whoopi Goldberg for ‘watching co-hosts flounder’

She mentioned he was one of the first people of color to pioneer what he had done in show business.

Billy took issue with what she said by saying “everyone is a person of color” and Sunny awkwardly corrected herself.

He said he was “brown skinned” in response to Sunny calling him a Black man.

The studio was weirdly silent as Billy slowly explained himself and offered long stories on how he persevered throughout his career.


Fans weren’t particularly enamored with his interview as a whole.

They collectively proceeded to slam the interview on social media.

“That Billy Dee Williams interview on The View was…interesting. Calling himself ‘brown skinned’ as a corrective to Sunny calling him a Black man and weird dismissive comments about gender fluidity – the whole segment had a weird vibe,” one fan wrote.

“Does Billy Dee Williams not identify as Black? Wtf is going on lol,” another asked on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“They need to cut to commercial. Barbara Walters would NEVER let this train wreck of an interview w Billy Dee Williams continue. Smh. Whoopi — YOU are the moderator for crying out loud,” another added.

“WHO booked this Billy Dee Williams interview???? And WHY? What is going on???” one fan questioned.

“Billy Dee Williams had to be one of the most boring and hardest interviews. All of the hosts struggled getting something out of him. But it showed Joy to be the expert,” another fan posted.

Billy's first appearance came in The Empire Strikes Back

Billy’s first appearance came in The Empire Strikes BackCredit: Alamy
He had an awkward visit on The View

He had an awkward visit on The View
Billy's new memoir is titled What Have We Here?: Portraits of a Life

Billy’s new memoir is titled What Have We Here?: Portraits of a LifeCredit: Rex

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