This summer, fast-food chains are rolling out a series of special meal deals and promotions in a bid to lure price-wary diners into their restaurants. The world’s largest sandwich chain is now jumping on the trend as well with a big discount on its signature subs.

In honor of World UFO Day on June 24, Subway will offer a 20% discount on any Footlong Sub when ordered with a Footlong Cookie or one of the chain’s new Footlong Dippers. Customers can take advantage of the offer by using the promo code “UFODAY” when ordering through the Subway app or website. The deal will remain available through July 1, so fans will have a whole week to score their discounted sub sandwiches.

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Subway Footlong sandwich, Footlong Cookie, and Footlong Dippers

On World UFO Day, Subway will also quite literally take to the sky by sending out drones to deliver Footlong Subs, Footlong Cookies, and Footlong Dippers to fans. The drone deliveries will take place in a handful of select cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and Orlando, Fla.

Additionally, Subway will send “special drone deliveries” to its most active MVP Rewards member in each of the cities, according to a press release. So if you’re a Subway superfan and live in one of the designated markets, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for a potential surprise on June 24.

Subway Ultimate Footlong Offering Drone
Courtesy of Subway

Subway’s fast-approaching Footlong Sub deal is only the latest exciting development at the chain in 2024. The Footlong Dippers set to be featured in the World UFO Day promotion are still brand-new at the chain after hitting menus across the country on June 18. They consist of melted cheese and meat rolled up inside Subway’s lavash-style flatbread. Customers can choose between three flavors: Pepperoni and Cheese (470 calories), Chicken and Cheese (400 calories), and Double Cheese (470 calories).

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Customers can also choose one of Subway’s 11 signature sauces for dunking their Footlong Dippers. The options include Honey Mustard (60 calories), Creamy Sriracha (40 calories), Baja Chipotle (70 calories), Peppercorn Ranch (80 calories), and Roasted Garlic Aioli (80 calories). In total, there are 33 sauce and Dipper flavor combinations that guests can try. 

Other exciting additions to Subway’s menu this year include the returning Honey Oat Bread (430 calories), returning Creamy Sriracha sauce, and a new collection of footlong snacks and treats called “Sidekicks.” Additionally Subway debuted a new line of wraps in April made with the same lavash-style flatbread as the Footlong Dippers.

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