Gone are the days of gigantic breast implants and frozen faces: these days, celebrities opt for the most natural of looks. 

In recent years, many have publicly expressed regret over extreme plastic surgeries of the past — including Victoria Beckham, who admitted in 2014 that she wished she’d never ‘messed with’ her ‘boobs’.

But surgeons say this doesn’t mean celebs are ditching the procedure — which remains the second most popular cosmetic surgery behind liposuction.

Instead, they’re opting for new, subtle techniques, costing around $15,000, that add a barely-there boost, while skillfully disguising the new assets.

Speaking to DailyMail.com, New York-based surgeon to the stars Dr Marc Everett has told of the increasing popularity of so-called submuscular breast augmentations, which is when the implant is placed beneath the pectoral, or chest, muscles.

This method is particularly effective, he says, for leaner women — as the positioning better conceals the tell-tale edge of the implant while creating a more pronounced appearance in the breast.

But Dr Everett says there are still tell-tale signs of the implants on the skin, which only a skilled eye can see.

Read on to find out how: 

Olivia Rodrigo 

Olivia Rodrigo shown on her Instagram in January 2021

And again in November that same year. Dr Everett said it was clear she had received surgical implants

Olivia Rodrigo is shown (left) in January 2021 and (right) in November that same year. Dr Everett saidhe thinks the photos show that she has received breast implants

Olivia Rodrigo, a top singer who recently performed at the Grammy awards, is alleged to be one of those slotting into the trend of undergoing subtle enhancements to her figure.

Dr Everett says the star, aged 20, likely underwent breast augmentation surgery at the age of 18 years, given transformation documented in her social media images.

He is not the first to make such a suggestion: On Reddit forums, fans have recently speculated as to the reason behind her seemingly sudden change in bust.

Some have raised concerns, writing that she is ‘too young’ for the surgery. 

Olivia Rodrigo pictured in April 2021

Olivia Rodrigo pictured in April 2021 

Dr Everett says Rodrigo’s bikini shots are the giveaway: ‘Bikinis always force everything up [breast tissue and implants].

‘With natural breasts, there is much more of a gradual slope from the top of the chest to the nipple.’ 

‘[But] in this picture [right], you can see the complete upper edge of the implant. 

Comparing two other photos from 2021, (shown above), he added: ‘You can see that the raise in the left arm is not creating that upper fullness we see in the other photo.

‘In the other picture, you can see it appears very full, despite the fact there’s no arm lifting it up.’

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved saline breast implants — implants filled with sterile saltwater — for women aged 18 years and over.

Silicone breast implants — which use a silicone gel filling — are only approved for women aged 22 years and over, but many plastic surgeons will fit these on younger women off-label, says Dr Everett.

Most women prefer silicone implants because they appear ‘more natural’ and are less likely to rupture than saline implants. 

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is pictured above in 2009 at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City

And again in 2022 at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Dusseldorf, Germany

Taylor Swift (pictured left in 2009 and right in 2022) could have had two breast augmentation surgeries, Dr Everett suggested

Another celebrity who Dr Everett believes may have surgically altered her breasts is Taylor Swift.

He claims that her transformation was initially ‘modest’ in 2012 — when he believes she opted for small implants.

Subsequently, he suggests, she underwent a second alleged procedure in 2022.

Taylor is pictured above at the MTV Music Awards in 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Dr Everett said this image shows a triangle shape on her chest, indicating implants

Taylor is pictured above at the MTV Music Awards in 2022 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Dr Everett said this image shows a triangle shape on her chest, indicating implants

‘In 2022, the implant is substantially larger,’ he said, ‘to the point where you can see a triangle shape [on her chest]’.

Dr Everett suggested she may have received submuscular implants, which cause tension in the skin, creating a ‘triangle-like’ shape on the chest [pictured right].

However, fans have previously suggested that changes in Swifts’ bust can be explained by weight gain.

Dr Everett disagrees. 

‘Around the time of her first alleged surgery, you can see in photos that she is quite thin,’ he says.

‘But there is this forced rounder breast shape that has become disproportionate to the rest of her body.’

Taylor is pictured above in 2015 at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr Everett said this picture indicates her first implants because she still has full breasts despite having a very thin figure

Taylor is pictured above in 2015 at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr Everett said this picture indicates her first implants because she still has full breasts despite having a very thin figure

He continued: ‘The breast is made up of both gland and fat and, when you have a degree of weight loss, breasts are not going to be as dense. 

‘[But] we do not see this with Taylor.’

‘You can also see the distinct round curve of the implant where the dress is pushing the breast inward.’

Dr Everett’s claims follow may years of fan speculation about Swift, 34, and her bust.

One wrote on Twitter back in January: ‘Okay, fine, I’ll say it… Taylor Swift has one of the best boob jobs in the industry and I appreciate award shows for the reminder.’

A second tweeter responded; ‘I think Taylor Swift did a boob job or something’, while a third said, ‘Taylor Swift’s boob job is masterful’.

Previously, in November 2022,  a fan tweeted: ‘No hate, they look great, but Taylor Swift totally got a boob job.’

There was also speculation from fans in 2016 after she appeared with then boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

And several plastic surgeons have also previously suggested that Taylor has had breast augmentation surgery.

In 2019, after Taylor attended the Golden Globes, New York-based surgeon Dr Norman Rowe said: ‘She had a breast augmentation. This is the only explanation.’ 

And there was further speculation in 2013, after she hit the red carpet at the Principales Awards in Madrid, with Dr Michael Fiorillo — a plastic surgeon also in New York, saying at the time: ‘You can see the implants.’

The ‘Love Story’ singer has denied reports that she has received plastic surgery. 

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid pictured in 2016 in New York City

And pictured again in December 2023

Bella Hadid (left, in 2016 in New York City and right in December 2023) has also had breast implants, Dr Everett suggested

There are also signs that supermodel Bella Hadid has had breast implants, according to Dr Everett.

‘There is no weight gain or any other changes that would suggest anything other than a breast augmentaton here,’ he said.

Bella Hadid shown in 2021, which Dr Everett said was before the surgery

Bella Hadid shown in 2021, which Dr Everett said was before the surgery

Speaking of images taken of Ms Hadid in 2021 [right], before the alleged procedure, he said: ‘You can see some upper breast fullness without the upper implant displacement.

‘But in the other one [from 2023] you can see much more fullness in the areas and the outline of the implant.’

He added: ‘There is also a… difference in size and shape as well.’

Hadid’s mother Yolanda Foster revealed she had had her breast implants removed in 2015, after suffering complications.

Doctors were reported as saying that one of them had started to leak silicone, which was exacerbating her Lyme disease symptoms.

Ms Hadid previously admitted she ‘regretted’ having a nose job at the age of 14 , saying she felt she would have ‘grown into’ her then-nose.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox pictured in January 2009

And pictured again in 2022

Megan Fox pictured in 2009 and again in 2022

Another celebrity that had subtle tweaks to her breasts is actor and model Megan Fox, plastic surgeons say — although, more recently, it is thought that she’s opted for larger implants.

The American actress was first rumored to have had the surgery in 2010.

But when pictured at Beyonce’s 41st birthday party in September 2022, her chest appeared even larger.

Dr Everett said: ‘This is the most dramatic transformation of the bunch and has the easiest signs to recognize that between the first and second set of photos that she has had a breast augmentation with implants.

‘Both the shape and volume of the breasts are noticeably different. The size of the implants chosen for her surgery exceed the foorprint of her native breast.

He added: ‘The implant is so wide, it exceeds both what should be the top and the bottom of the breast.’ 

Instagram influencer Dana Omari-Harrell, based in Texas and who regularly comments on celebrity surgeries, said: ‘She had small implants way back in the day — you can even see her implant lines because she was really thin.

‘Around the time she started dating Machine Gun Kelly I noticed a change in them.

‘Then around June 2022, I noticed they were much larger — but the Beyonce party pictures REALLY showed off the change. This is definitely a revision.’

In September last year, she debuted a transformation in her face — after being pictured being wheeled out of a surgeon’s office.

She has not previously spoken publicly about her surgeries.

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