The registered nutritionist is a big fan of oats as a family-friendly food to have in the kitchen cupboard, and even suggested parents could cook up their own oatcakes and pitta breads with the children to get them involved in a fun way.

“I recently partnered with AVEENO® Baby on a campaign to support parents feeding their little ones during lockdown, with ways of keeping food fun when supermarkets aren’t fully stocked. I baked some really delicious blueberry muffins which were no added sugar, dairy and egg free. They included oats, which is an ingredient I cook with a lot.”

Though many baking ingredients have been scarce as supermarkets struggle to keep up with the demand in lockdown, oats are one item that seems to be in stock.

“Oats are one of my favourite store cupboard staples. They are great for porridge, making bread, baking or adding to puddings for example – they are such a versatile ingredient, don’t cost a lot of money and are usually (even right now!) easily available,” agrees Charlotte.

Source: Daily Express | Diet