The study found that while consumers often turn to social media for nutrition information, they believe that these sources “push” misinformation about health and nutrition that is “touted the most” by “social media influencers and celebrities.”

The study found that the biggest sources of misinformation on social media in 2023 were ranked TikTok (81.6%), Instagram (72.9%) and Facebook (72.7%).

“From cottage cheese’s comeback to the sleepy girl mocktail, there was no shortage of food and nutrition microtrends in 2023 thanks to social media,” the team concluded in the study. “With the rise in its popularity, it’s not surprising that RDNs name the TikTok platform as the biggest culprit for promoting misleading nutrition information.”

The study also found that “affordability” and “gut health” are poised to be the leading drivers of consumer purchasing in 2024.

“As consumers navigate recent increases in grocery prices, RDNs predict that affordability will be an important driver of consumer purchases,” the study concluded. “Research into the benefits of a healthy microbiome, from mood to weight management has sparked interest in foods that support gut health.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated a need to regularly protect immune health, and consumers continue to shop for foods that support immunity.”

In a ranking, the study predicted that the top drivers for purchasing food and beverages will be affordablility and value (65%), ability to boost gut health (60.4%), accessibility and convenience (59.8%), and ability to support immunity (52.6%).

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