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HealthTips for Safe Hotel Stay This Labor Day During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for Safe Hotel Stay This Labor Day During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Professor Sheryl Kline, working at the University of Delaware, has compiled a list of few important tips to keep in mind for those traveling and staying in a hotel this Labor Day.

‘Tourists should wear a mask when in public, and wash hands frequently with soap and warm water. They should avoid gathering in public indoor spaces and avoid large crowds.’
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Thorough Investigation of the Destination of Travel

Tourists should check the CDC’s website for travel health notices, which includes COVID-19 hot spots or restrictions at the travel destination. They should inquire about the number of restaurants open for dining and follow the standard safety protocols. The CDC has special tool kits available based on the mode of travel. Tourists can also contact the local Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), to see what restrictions are in place.

Choose Hotel Wisely

Study the hotel thoroughly by visiting the hotel’s website or contacting the hotel to determine what is being done to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is important to check whether the hotel follows CDC guidelines and the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s Safe Stay Practices.

Ask them about their staff if required for the staff to wear face coverings and if they are practicing social distancing. The hotel should be using cleaning products, which are also disinfecting agents and clean the common areas are frequent intervals.

The hotel should display signage that says six-feet of separation. The number of guests in the lobby should be limited, and sanitizers should be available there.

Restrict the Use of In-Person

Opting for low-touch or no-touch services to reduce contact is essential. This means the use of automated or online check-in or check-out services. Daily housekeeping services should be avoided to limit the entry of people to the room.

In order to avoid eating in public spaces, take-out or room service is encouraged. The use of a hotel gym, pool, or activity room should be avoided. This will reduce the risk of exposure to the virus.

Disinfect and Keep Things Clean

Ask for a room that has been vacated one to three days prior occupying. This will reduce the risk of the spread of the virus through surfaces by lowering surface contamination. Rooms that don’t require an elevator or need its limited use should be preferred.

It is better to disinfect high-touch areas like doorknobs, light switches, telephones, remote control devices, tabletops, and bathroom fixtures using approved disinfectants.

It is important to wear shoes or slippers when walking around the room, as it is not always possible to clean the floor.

Help Stop the Spread of Virus

Tourists must follow all the safety guidelines, even while taking a vacation. They should wear a mask at all times, practice hand-hygiene, avoid touching the face, and maintain social distancing. Tourists should avoid gathering in public indoor spaces and avoid large crowds. It is advisable to carry extra face0masks to ensure adequate supply throughout the trip.

While staying at the hotel, use one’s own pen and take extra precautions while using an elevator by touching the buttons with disposable tissue.

If you think you have been exposed to the virus and are showing symptoms, it is best to act responsibly and not travel.

Always Opt for the Refund Policy

It is advisable to check if the hotel considers a refund policy, especially during uncertain times. If you choose not to travel, you should check whether the hotel’s cancellation policy includes a refund or reschedule.

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