People have been interested in Tonya Puckett Miller’s obituary and death. People want to know more and are seeking Tonya Puckett Miller’s obituary online. They are expressing their sorrow for him and inquiring as to what caused her death. This page discusses Tonya Puckett Miller’s death cause, as well as heartfelt tributes and condolences.

Her death tale attracted the curiosity of many individuals who were intrigued about her past and way of dying. Continue reading to find out more about Tonya Puckett Miller’s obituary, which has sparked many internet searches since her death. We regret to tell you of the untimely death of Miller, a beloved family member, friend, and employee. The world lost a brilliant light on September 15, 2023, leaving those who knew her in deep sadness.

Tonya Puckett Miller Obituary And Cause Of Death

Kirby Puckett, a famous Twin, and his ex-wife Tonya Puckett-Miller died. She was married to Kirby Puckett from 1986 till 2006. Tonya Puckett-Miller, the former wife of Minnesota Twins Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett, died at the age of 58. Tonya Puckett Miller’s family has released her obituary.

Tonya Puckett Miller

According to a shortened obituary page from Brooks Funeral Home, she died on Friday, September 15. Her death has no known cause. Tonya married Kirby in 1986, and they had two children when he was playing with the Twins. They divorced in 2002. She remarried Rev. Dr. Melvin Miller in 2013. Miller is the lead pastor of St. Paul’s Progressive Baptist Church, where Tonya is known as the First Lady.

She was diagnosed with glioblastoma in January 2022, according to her surviving husband, the Rev. Dr. Melvin Miller of St. Paul’s Progressive Baptist Church, and died on Friday. Miller said, “She was an amazing mother and a great community leader.” She was devoted to the church’s purpose and to her faith in Jesus Christ.

How Did Kirby Puckett’s Wife Pass Away?

Tonya Hudson was born in St. Paul on May 12, 1965, to Edina resident Margaret Hudson, who is still living today. Puckett-Miller was born in Brooklyn Park and raised in north Minneapolis. Despite his legal difficulties, she and Puckett divorced in 2002 after marrying in 1986. Following their divorce, Puckett-Miller focused on charity, generating millions of dollars for organizations such as Children’s Heartlink and the Puckett Scholars program, which provides financial help to students of color at the University of Minnesota.

She cared for troubled children in her own home via a Christian organization called Safe Families. She also joined the Bible Study Fellowship, where one of the organizers told her that they had been praying to God for a marriage for her. Miller claimed that his late wife told a mutual acquaintance, “I’m completely uninterested.” I would only marry if a guy came to my door.

Miller came into Puckett-Miller’s life in this manner when a mutual acquaintance inquired about assisting Kirby Jr., a student at Augsburg University, with some maths. “I said,’Sure, I’ll go help him,’ and I came walking up to her door,” he said. She was a wonderful, wonderful lady. Miller taught high school math before joining the priesthood.

Tonya Puckett Miller

Family Mourns The Loss

Puckett-Miller and Miller have seven children, including two from her marriage to Puckett, Catherine and Kirby Jr., who live in Minneapolis, and one son, now 14-year-old Tyson Miller. Her in-laws, Eunice and Earl Miller, as well as her stepchildren Martin Miller, Mariah Miller, Mikal Miller, and Morgan Carrillo, survive her.

Brendan Draper, Nairobi Nelson, Bailey O’Brien, Savannah Puckett, and Kirby Puckett III are among her grandkids. Kirby Puckett died on March 6, 2006, in Phoenix, after having a severe stroke. A celebration of life is planned on Thursday at noon at Progressive Baptist, 1505 Burns Avenue, with guests beginning at 11 a.m.

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