Taking an overnight flight can be exhausting – particularly for those in the less comfortable standard seating.

However, there are ways you can make it easier for yourself, according to a former airline staff member. Kat Kamalani, who posts online under the same name, is known for posting her travel advice online after working as a flight attendant for six years.

She recently went viral after she issued a warning to passengers about drinking water on the plane. Now, she has sparked a debate online after she shared her advice on how to make flying on a red-eye flight much easier.

A red-eye flight is an overnight flight that departs late at night and arrives early the next morning. They typically take off after 9pm and arriving by 6am, aligning with sleep schedules and causing fatigue.

The nickname is based on the bloodshot eyes passengers can experience from being over-tired. But Kat has offered fans some advice to help them get better sleep through their journeys.

In her video, which has gained more than 16,000 likes, she said: “I was a flight attendant for six years and these are things that I wish I knew before flying in the middle of the night that would make my travel so much easier.

“Depending on what type of flight attendant you get, you’re either going to have your cabin and have the lights on or off. I would suggest bringing an eye mask, noise-canceling headphones, and some earplugs, and also bring some lavender essential oils.

“This is going to tell your body that it’s time to go to sleep and start unwinding.”

She also noted that people should bring blankets and comfy clothes. “No one’s looking at you and they don’t care,” she reassured fans, before advising parents to give their kids a melatonin gummy to help them get to sleep.

Many TikTok users took to the comments thanking her for sharing her advice, with one user writing: “Thanks.” Someone else penned: “Facts,” as a third added: “Love lavender! I use it every night before bed.”

However, her recommendation of lavender oil caused a heated debate. A viewer wrote: “Do not bring lavender. It’s a common allergy. Me personally if I smell it I go into an asthmas attack and if it gets on my skin I break out in hives.”

Another argued: “As someone deathly allergic to lavender, please don’t recommend this.” Meanwhile, a third commented: “Please be careful with essential oils or fragrances in enclosed spaces.”

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