Tyler Hansbrough Girlfriend: The former NBA star has gained attention not only for his basketball skills, but also for his fascinating love life. With two key ladies in the picture – Savita Senthil and Brighton Smith – the audience is left to speculate on the twists and turns of his love journey. Andrew Tyler Hansbrough is an American professional basketball player. Tyler excelled at Poplar Bluff High School in Missouri and earned an NCAA title in his final year while playing for the North Carolina Tar Heels from 2005 to 2009.

He also played for the Indiana Pacers (13th overall in the 2009 NBA draft), the Toronto Raptors, and the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA. On February 18, 2021, he made his television debut as a color commentator for the ACC Network.

Tyler Hansbrough’s Girlfriend: Is He Dating Someone?

Savita Senthil attracted Tyler’s followers’ attention in 2021 when she appeared on his Instagram photos on a regular basis. The pair seemed to enjoy one other’s company, suggesting a genuine connection. However, as the year continued, observant followers observed Savita’s unexpected departure from Tyler’s social media. The sudden pause in showcasing Savita on his social media channels sparked suspicion of a probable split.

Tyler Hansbrough

Despite their apparent absence, Tyler and Savita did not declare the end of their relationship, allowing admirers to piece together the mystery on their own. During the confusion surrounding Tyler and Savita’s relationship, Tyler Hansbrough’s name became associated with Brighton Smith. The specifics of their connection remain unknown, with neither side acknowledging nor rejecting their romantic engagement. Speculation grew when some reports said Tyler Hansbrough and Brighton Smith had taken their relationship to the next level: marriage.

However, without formal confirmation from either side, these reports are unsubstantiated and subject to interpretation. Despite the swirling rumors and conjecture, Tyler Hansbrough and Brighton Smith have opted to keep their relationship status private. It’s unclear if they were romantically linked or married, since both have kept a low profile. Tyler Hansbrough looks to be single based on the most recent modifications to his social media accounts. The lack of a visible love partner implies that, at least publicly, he is not now in a relationship.

Tyler Hansbrough’s Personal Life

Tyler Hansbrough’s family has a horrible background. Tyler’s parents, Gene and Tami, divorced, which undoubtedly had a huge influence on his childhood. His father, Gene, has dedicated his life to assisting others as an expert orthopedic surgeon. Meanwhile, Tyler’s mother, Tami, worked as an assistant director of development at the UNC School of Dentistry from 2008 to 2012, where she was instrumental in fundraising efforts.

Tyler Hansbrough

Tyler has a strong bond with his two brothers, Greg and Ben. The three siblings have always been close, but their friendship got much stronger when Greg, the oldest brother, faced a serious medical condition. Greg had a brain tumor removed at the age of eight, and doctors told him he would never be able to participate in organized sports again.

Greg, on the other hand, refused to let his disability determine his life and went on to become captain of his high school cross-country team. Tyler and Ben were obviously inspired by their brother’s tenacity and drive, which most likely had a key influence in creating who they are now.