Vacuum-Assisted Breast Surgery (VABS): A Scarless Solution For Managing Breast Lumps In Young Women
Breast Lumps In Young Women

Get to know common cause of breast lumps among girls and the benefits of of Vacuum-Assisted Breast Surgery (VABS).

In recent times, Vacuum-Assisted Breast Surgery (VABS) surgical technique has proven to be a game-changer, particularly for young women with breast lumps. It offers a minimally invasive approach to removing non-cancerous breast lumps, such as fibroadenomas.

“VABS enables surgeons to perform keyhole incisions of just 2 mm, leaving virtually no visible scarring after only a week of surgery,” says Dr. Rohan Khandelwal, Lead Consultant Oncology & Head of the Breast Centre at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram.

Dr. Khandelwal tells us more about Vacuum-Assisted Breast Surgery (VABS), including how it works, where it is used as well as it benefits.

Advantages of Vacuum-Assisted Breast Surgery (VABS)

The advantages of VABS have been groundbreaking in empowering young women to regain their confidence and quality of life, especially those affected by fibroadenomas, the most common cause of breast lumps among girls aged 15-30, including many unmarried individuals who are particularly concerned about scarring on their breasts.

VABS introduces a paradigm shift in addressing breast lumps by amalgamating precision and minimally invasive techniques. The fact that VABS leaves no scars is one of its most prominent features. VABS simply involves a small incision through which the probe is put, in contrast to traditional surgical techniques that call for incisions and sometimes result in visible scars. The narrow diameter of the probe guarantees a limited incision site and, after healing, almost undetectable scars. Young women in particular need to be aware of this because they frequently have more negative body image and physical appearance concerns.

VABS also used for managingrecurrent cysts and ductal lesions

Fibroadenomas have long been a source of anxiety for young women, often causing them to hesitate in seeking medical intervention due to the fear of visible scars. With VABS, we have has performed over 150 successful procedures over the last two years, providing these young women with a scarless solution to their breast health concerns. By utilizing advanced keyhole incisions, the surgical team can remove fibroadenomas with precision and efficiency, minimizing both the physical and emotional impact on the patients.

Furthermore, VABS is not limited to fibroadenomas; it also proves to be highly effective in dealing with recurrent cysts and ductal lesions. Vacuum Assisted Breast Surgery is a technique of scarless breast surgery for noncancerous breast lesions like fibroadenomas, which usually affect young females.

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