As well as losing weight, many Britons will try to tone up their body while following a fitness routine. While the coronavirus lockdown has thrown some workout plans out the window, slimmers can still get their heartrate up. Stefanie Williams, fitness expert and founder of the app ‘Fit with Stef’, shared six ab exercises that can be done at home.

With gyms now closed across the country, many Britons have started to embrace home workouts.

Speaking to, Stefanie addressed how dieters can stay fit without leaving their living room.

She said: “This time creates the perfect opportunity to take your training back to basics.

“These core exercises focus on core stability; which should be the starting point for all your core training before you start adding in more complex movements with resistance.

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Best weight loss: Ab exercise moves tone

Best weight loss: The exercise moves can be done at home (Image: STEFANIE WILLIAMS)

Best weight loss: Ab exercise moves tone

Best weight loss: Dieters can tone six pack abs at home (Image: STEFANIE WILLIAMS)

Best weight loss: Ab exercise moves tone

Best weight loss: Bird dogs can tone the midriff (Image: STEFANIE WILLIAMS)

“I know these might look easy but don’t be deceived.”

Fitness fanatics should do each exercise for 30 seconds before or for a set amount of reps before having a break, she said.

Full ab workout plan


Slimmers should start lying on their back with arms up and knees at a 90 degree angle.


Lower the opposite arm and leg to the floor before returning and repeating on the other side.

To get the best results, Stefanie recommended doing the move for 15 to 20 reps and repeating three times.

Bird Dogs

Slimmers should begin on all fours and reach the right arm forward and left leg back before switching to the opposite side.

The stomach move can be done for 15 to 20 reps and repeated three times.

Best weight loss: Ab exercise flutter kicks

Best weight loss: Flutter kicks can work the core (Image: STEFANIE WILLIAMS)

Plank Hold

Fitness fanatics should start in a plank position on their toes with the hands under the shoulders.

Those hoping to tone up should hold for 30 seconds and do the exercise three times.

Lying leg raises

Lying flat on the back, slimmers can tense their core while raising their legs.

This move can be done for 15 to 20 reps three times through for the best results.

Punching sit ups

Starting on the mat with knees bent, fitness fanatics should perform a sit up motion.

They can twist their core and punch to each side at the top of the movement before lying back down.

Flutter kicks

To complete the exercise, dieters can lie on their back with their feet just above the floor.

Using the core, flutter the legs while keeping the back flat on the ground.

Stefanie added: “If you’re a beginner try these out one by one.

“For a challenge combine them into one circuit, only resting after you’ve completed all six back-to-back.”

By completing the routine, slimmers can start to tone up their midriff. 

A variety of other home workouts including healthy and delicious recipes are available in ‘Fit with Stef’ app, along with loads of videos, weekly plans, rest timers and progress tracking. It is available on the App Store.

Source: Daily Express | Diet