Boxer Ben Whittaker has faced criticism for his showboating; nevertheless, it has also helped him acquire new followers, who are intrigued about his personal life, particularly his parents. Whether you like or dislike Whittaker and his controversial boxing approach, he is creating waves in the sport.

Learn more about Ben Whittaker, including his parents, race, and girlfriend. Ben Whittaker is an English professional boxer who rose to prominence in the sport after a successful amateur career. Whittaker initially garnered notoriety in amateur boxing by representing England at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. In addition, he earned a bronze medal at the World Championships in Russia in 2019. Whittaker’s Olympic career peaked in Tokyo in 2020, when he earned the silver medal in the men’s light-heavyweight division.

In 2022, Whittaker made the transition into professional boxing, joining Boxxer and training with SugarHill Steward. His shift represents the beginning of a new chapter in his career, one full of expectation and commitment. Despite setbacks, Whittaker stays committed to his aim of earning gold. His inability to accept anything less demonstrates his unshakeable determination to succeed. As he approaches the professional ranks, his story serves as an inspiration to aspiring boxers throughout the globe.

Meet Ben Whittaker’s Parents: Dad Tony and Mom Karen Whittaker

Whittaker was born on June 6, 1997, in Darlaston, England, to Tony and Karen Whittaker. His parents have been quite supportive of him. It was discovered that Whittaker was very energetic as a youngster, and his father, Tony, encouraged him to take up boxing to manage his energy. Whittaker’s father would push him to train as a youngster, stating, “Just keep walking, just do your thing, when you spar, you show them who you are.” Furthermore, Ben has intriguing ethnic origins, since he hails from a mixed-race family. His mother, Karen, is of English and Austrian origin, while his father is Jamaican.

Ben Whittaker

Furthermore, his parents have encouraged him to accept and be proud of his identity. In an interview, Whittaker said,

“Being a black athlete and being able to perform at the highest level and put my country on my back, it’s the best feeling ever and it means a lot to me.”

Who Is Ben Whittaker Dating?

The boxer’s success has sparked speculation about his personal life and if he has a significant other. Whittaker seems to be fairly discreet about his personal life, sharing nothing about his dating life. However, the boxer has been seeing his stunning girlfriend, Heather McColl, for some time. She was seen with Olympic boxing light-heavyweight silver medalist Ben Whittaker when he returned to his hometown, Darlaston, in 2021.

Heather can also be seen sharing photos and moments with her boyfriend, Whittaker, on Instagram. She seems to be a very supportive companion to Ben. However, very little personal information about her is publicly available.

Ben Whittaker’s Controversial Style in Boxing

Whittaker recently created controversy by toying with Khalid Graidia during his fifth-round stoppage victory over the Frenchman on Saturday, earning him flak from fans. He does, however, defend his in-ring showmanship. Whittaker appreciates the differing perspectives but insists he is not disrespecting his opponents.

In an interview with Boxing News, he said,

“A lot of people call me arrogant. But I never speak ill of my opponent or treat them rudely. “It’s just my style.”

Ben Whittaker

Whittaker’s unconventional approach, which includes dance maneuvers before bouts, has made him a divisive figure among fans, with some hoping to see him beaten. Despite recently receiving a warning from the referee, Whittaker remains devoted to his entertaining manner. Despite the criticism, Whittaker remains positive about his future in boxing, aspiring to be a Hall of Famer.