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Who is Abdul Elahi ?

A prolific pedophile who posed as a ‘sugar daddy’ stockbroker and forced women and children to send him s*xually explicit videos of themselves has been described as ‘one of the worst online s*xual predators’ ever seen.

Abdul Elahi, 26, was branded “in a league of his own” at the beginning of his sentencing in Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday, after admitting 158 charges against 72 whistleblowers. It is believed that he attempted to exploit the victims globally in 34 different countries.

The former McDonald’s worker, from Sparkhill, Birmingham, used false names to target up to 2,000 women and children online, offering them cash to send him photos and videos of themselves.

While living under his parents’ roof, he persuaded his victims to send him more depraved material, including humiliating videos of them engaging in abuse with other children and siblings.

He also forced some of his victims to self-mutilate and blackmailed women into sending him images of themselves abusing young children, some as young as eight months old, before selling depraved ‘boxes’ of the videos to other pedophiles. of all the world.

The father of a boy told the court today that his son wrote multiple suicide notes and took a kitchen knife after being abused on Elahi’s orders.


Another victim, who was 17 at the time, developed severe body dysmorphia, dropping to just 5 7 pounds (80 pounds), and also committed suicide after images of herself that she was forced to send to Elahi ended. on a pornographic website.

Meanwhile, Kirsty Nicholls, 35, of Middlesex, was also in the dock today after she willingly s*xually abused a child on Elahi’s instructions, and even suggested new forms of abuse for her to film.

From the sales of her material, Elahi laundered money through Amazon gift cards and bought electrical items and sold them for cash, the court heard.

In a single sale, she traded in a terabyte of unhealthy images and footage, which is equivalent to 1,000 hours of video and 310,000 photos.

The court heard today how she was “juggling” many dozen potential victims at any one time.

Elahi was arrested by the National Crime Agency in December 2018, but was released, after which he was able to continue his crime until August 2020, despite being released on bail.

Prosecutor Adrian Langdale QC told the court Wednesday: ‘The whole personality, the whole arrangement, was a sham from the start.

‘He just, apparently, saw his victims as a way to make money. The victims were attacked day after day, relentlessly by Mr. Elahi ”.

The court heard that some women and girls were blackmailed into abusing a baby or brother by Elahi, who had offered to pay his debts with Bitcoin.

Langdale said the crime spanned a three-year period from 2017 to 2019, with many of the crimes committed while Elahi was out on bail and subject to a s*xual risk order.

Elahi also ‘acted as a mentor’ to other online abusers, the court heard, and criminal ‘copycats’ targeted some of his victims, the Crown alleges.

Langdale told the court: “We maintain that Elahi is an exceptionally dangerous predator.”

So-called ‘box sets’ of abusive images and videos compiled by Elahi were distributed in large numbers, the court heard, after girls and young adults were blackmailed into providing humiliating and degrading s*xual material.

Around 550 females in Britain are believed to have been attacked by Elahi, with nearly 2,000 identified in total in the UK and US.

Langdale said Elahi had switched online conversations to WhatsApp to cover her tracks, adding: ‘Sixty-seven thousand indecent images of children have been recovered from numerous devices and cloud storage for Elahi.

‘There is evidence that she carefully structured and recorded all of her material.

She “She sold that material with a clear financial motive, regardless of the harm she was causing by spreading this material.”

Among the victims of so-called “sugar daddy” websites were financially desperate victims, including mothers at risk of losing their homes or struggling to feed their children.

First asking for photos of women in high heels

First asking for photos of women in high heels, then he would ask them for more s*xually explicit images and began to ask about their personal life and their children.

Then he would ask the girls if they had children and how old they were, since he had an “interest in incest videos” and wanted to sell them online all over the world.

He would then capture false images of him transferring large amounts of money, such as sums of £ 158,000, to persuade women to abuse their children on film.

After some of his victims refused to abuse their own children, he threatened to expose previous photos sent to Elahi to relatives and co-workers.

Elahi bragged about his jet-setting lifestyle and how he used private jets to fly to Los Angeles; in fact, he lived with his parents and worked at McDonalds.

Langdale added: “ He systematically attacked women online, defrauded them and sold his images as sets of boxes.

Many of the adult victims were in their early 18s and were blackmailed and Elahi became sadistic in his demands.

He distributed them in large quantities and they were scarred and damaged.

Elahi intended to target children, then she could film and distribute

Elahi intended to target children, then she could film and distribute to other pedophiles.

“There are about 550 women in the UK, who have been tracked down by the NCA.

“All over the world there are victims in Canada, Australia and a total of 34 different countries. A total of 67,000 indecent images of children have been recovered.

He structured all of his material, before exchanging it into abuse boxes.

He supplied that material for financial reasons. His supply level was on a different level. The images were potentially left online indefinitely.

He then he went on to do a careful laundering of the proceeds of crime.

He ‘he used fake people online to encourage women to perform s*xual acts.

Elahi began using Sugar Daddy websites, introducing herself under a false name and including fake photographs of watches and airplanes.

‘He would describe himself as a stockbroker.

‘At the time of his offense, he was 23-24 years old, he lived in his family’s home and worked at McDonalds, attended college and was a loner.

‘He stayed at his family’s house in front of the Internet. He launched into phishing for young and vulnerable victims.

“He bragged to his victims that he had models working for him. He targeted single mothers so he could access any children they had.

“But Elahi managed to get sloppy and left a clear pattern of offense.”

Along with Elahi appeared in the dock Kirsty Nicholls, 35, who previously pleaded guilty to two counts of s*xual assault of a child and one count of taking an indecent photo.

Following Elahi’s arrest in July 2018, NCA, FBI, and Australian and New Zealand police officers found phone messages between the couple.

Elahi requested that Nicholls, of Northolt, Middlesex, abuse a child, to which she “fully complied” and even made suggestions on how to carry out the abuse.

Mr Langdale said: ‘He requests the usual method, high-heeled boots, then more and more, like showing the genitals. Nicholls accepts a new BDSM session.

Nicholls fully complied. He even made suggestions on what to do in the next video. ‘

The father of a child read a statement about the impact of the victim in court and said: ‘The pain and anguish are immeasurable, I have had to seek medical help.

‘My son had thought that he had done something wrong.

“ He barricaded the door and didn’t want anyone to take his picture.

‘My son has even written three suicide notes since the abuse and took a knife from the kitchen.’

Elahi admitted a series of charges in previous hearings after a lengthy investigation by the National Crime Agency.

Elahi is expected to be sentenced later this week.

Abdul Elahi Quick and Facts

  • Abdul Elahi, 26, branded ‘one of the worst online s*xual predators ever seen’
  • Paedophile was attending his sentencing hearing at Birmingham Crown Court 
  • Comes after he admitted some 158 charges committed against 72 complainants 
  • Investigators believe he targeted around 2,000 victims across 34 countries 
  • Elahi sold videos to paedophiles around the world and laundered his earnings

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