Why Is A Fertility Check As Important As Regular Health Checkup?
Fertility tests help people make informed decisions regarding family planning or fertility preservation alternatives

Fertility tests should be included into routine medical exams. A gynecologist explains why.

Routine medical exams are widely regarded as the foundation of preventative medicine in the field of healthcare since they enable people to recognise possible health problems and take appropriate action before they worsen. But fertility is one aspect of health that frequently goes unnoticed.

Here, we explore the numerous aspects of why fertility exams should be treated with the same importance as health exams and their implications on general wellbeing.

Recognising fertility as a key health indicator

A person’s general health is intricately linked to their fertility, which is not just a worry for individuals who want to create a family. Numerous variables, including hormonal balance, lifestyle decisions, and underlying medical disorders, have an impact on reproductive health. Assessments of hormone levels, menstruation regularity, and reproductive organ health are all a part of fertility examinations.

These irregularities frequently act as early warning signs of more serious health conditions such metabolic syndrome, thyroid abnormalities, or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Enabling informed decision-making

A fertility check offers vital information about one’s capacity for reproduction, much as a health checkup gives people a comprehensive picture of their physical condition. Fertility tests provide couples with important knowledge about any difficulties they could encounter.

Emotional well-being is influenced by stress, according to fertility tests. Emotional anguish, anxiety, and sadness can be brought on by problems with infertility or reproductive health.

Regular examinations enable quick intervention and early discovery of reproductive problems, which lessens the emotional toll on individuals and couples.

A holistic approach to wellness

The concept of holistic health takes both the mental and emotional aspects of wellbeing into account. A key element of this strategy is fertility testing, which ensures that people have the requisite knowledge to make informed health decisions. Healthcare providers can be sure that they have a complete grasp of a person’s general health state if they have access to a thorough health profile that includes reproductive indicators.

Ageing and the preservation of fertility

Both overall health and the ability to reproduce naturally deteriorate as people age. While annual physicals keep an eye on age-related health issues, fertility exams focus on a crucial element of ageing: reproductive decline. Fertility tests help people make informed decisions regarding family planning or fertility preservation alternatives like egg freezing by evaluating elements including ovarian reserve and egg quality.

Health prevention: Recognising potential issues early

Similar to how annual physicals stress the need of early illness identification, fertility tests support preventative health. Early detection of fertility issues may frequently stop underlying disorders from getting worse, which might affect not just reproductive health but also general wellbeing. Regular fertility examinations can spot any problems and enable prompt medical action.

Bridging the gap

Checking your fertility is just as important for gaining a complete view of your health as getting regular physical exams. Individuals are given the power to take control of their reproductive health and general wellbeing by including fertility tests into routine medical exams. This paradigm change highlights the irrefutable link between reproduction and general health, as well as improving the landscape of preventive healthcare.

The article is authored by Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj, Gynecologist, Obstetrician and IVF Expert, Nurture IVF Clinic, New Delhi.

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