I have an Isa with Metro Bank that I have had for 15 years or more. I moved house a few years ago and have recently been trying to update my address with the bank.

My problem is, I keep failing its security checks. During my frequent calls, I am asked numerous questions and passed from pillar to post. I had to complete a validation process, which I failed, but Metro refused to tell me why.

I suspected it was my email address, which I changed years ago – however, the old one wasn’t accepted either.

I am constantly being told that I have to go to the nearest branch, which is 100 miles away. I’ve told Metro I can’t get there, as I am not sufficiently mobile. Please help.

BC, Devon

Many moons ago, you were asked by Metro Bank to choose a telephone banking password or similar that is probably long forgotten. This is why I would suggest it is a good idea to write down these things in a secure way at the time.

Happily, I asked Metro Bank HQ if there was a way to resolve this without you having to schlep to Bristol, and I’m pleased to report that a resolution has been found.

Staff found the original paperwork, and this will allow them to compare your signature and ultimately update your address.

We used to receive quite a few complaints about Metro Bank but this is the first one in an age.

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