As summer comes to a close, you may be hoping to spend some quality time outdoors whether in a cool, fresh lake or on a hike. What you may not know is that Arkansas has a variety of beautiful natural destinations for you to check out off the beaten path. As you’re planning out your Arkansas trip, be sure to consider these fun outdoor activities.

Seeing an Underground Waterfall

Located in the Ozark National Forest, the Glory Hole Waterfall shoots out of a massive hole in the ceiling of a large cave-like rock formation and is worth the visit no matter what time of the year you’re there. After spring and fall’s heavy rain showers, the waterfall is at its strongest and most powerful point of the year. But if you visit in the winter, according to Greg Disch Photography, you will be able to see a beautiful solidified ice formation jutting out from the ceiling hole. The fact that this hike is only about a 1.8-mile roundtrip makes this waterfall an absolute must-see whether you are a solo hiker or are travelling with young kids.


Arkansas also provides a variety of unique hunting opportunities. During the different seasons of the year, you may be able to hunt alligators, bears, hogs, or a variety of fowl. The Buffalo River that runs through the northwestern region of Arkansas near the Ozark National Forest represents an ideal spot for hunters. As you plan out any future hunting endeavors, be sure to look up any permits you may need as well as any information regarding the specific type of wildlife you want to hunt. For example, according to the Hunt and Fish Connection, you need a valid license from a state and federal waterfowl stamp to hunt spring snow geese.


Because of the vast number of rivers and lakes scattered throughout the state, Arkansas is also an ideal destination for prospective fishers. With a relatively moderate climate and changing seasons, Arkansas is the home to a huge variety of fish including bass, trout, catfish, and bluegills. It’s the ideal place for both experienced and novice fishers—if you’re hoping to catch an eighty-pound blue catfish, you can always try the Lake Ouachita waters. If you simply want to give leisurely fishing a try, according to Visit Rogers, Lake Atalanta is a great spot with its 2 miles of shoreline paved trail and its easy-access fishing piers dotting the edges of the lake.

With so many beautiful outdoor destinations, visiting Arkansas during any time of the year is a good idea. Some of the more unique spots have been mentioned here, but there are so many more to explore. If you’re thinking about an upcoming visit, be sure to check out the state’s other national forests, lakes, and rivers.

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Source: Top World Travels