Each and everybody is adaptable to change. When it’s cold, our body tends to keep blood flowing to warm our organs. However, our body pays more attention to our organs and leaves our feet out, so they can feel colder.

When this happens, there are many solutions to solve the problem. Although, if you feel like your feet are getting cold more often, it is crucial that you see your doctor.

We have learned some effective remedies that can help you keep your feet warm and have provided a list of 5 natural ways to prevent them from getting cold.

Soak Your Feet In Warm Water

Soaking your feet in warm water not only soothes them but can also help you fall asleep faster as it stimulates blood circulation. The water should be between 36°C and 38°C (96°F to 100.4°F). This could be your natural water therapy session for cold feet.

What to do:

Soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Dry them when you’re done. Use moisturizer as a final touch.

Massage Your Feet With Plant Oils

You can massage your feet with different types of oils like olive, coconut, and avocado to get your feet back on the warm track. This is because these oils have anti-inflammatory properties that help improve blood circulation. In addition, it is also healthy for your skin.

What to do:

Take any oil and heat it. Put oil on your feet and massage them for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then wear cotton socks. Do this every day to keep your feet warm.

Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger is generally known to increase blood circulation and warm the body, including the feet. Then it’s time to make some ginger tea to warm up your cold feet.

What to do:

Cut 2-3 pieces of ginger. Add them to boiling water. Strain the mixture and drink.

Eat More Foods That Have Iron And Vitamin B

One of the reasons your feet may be cold is because you are lacking in B vitamins, which are crucial for improving blood flow. Iron is also helpful in transporting oxygen to the body.

What to do:

  • For iron: Eat more red meat, nuts, tofu, oats, spinach, baked beans, etc.
  • For vitamin B: Eat more beef, tuna, salmon, milk and dairy products, eggs, clams, etc.

Get Your Daily Dose Of Exercise

You can warm up your feet by doing exercises, more specifically step exercises, which help increase the temperature of your feet. Walking and jumping can also be helpful in curing cold feet.

What to do:

Step up, around, and down from a platform.

How often do your feet get cold? Will you try the tips above to warm them up?

Source: crfatsides

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