Food cravings (Unhealthy ones especially)  are the dieters’ worst enemy.

7 Ways to outsmart unhealthy food cravings!
Unhealthy Food Cravings


Join the list girl because you are not alone. Everyone has food cravings. Even if you are not dieting it is hard to curb the food cravings. Food cravings overtake our willpower totally and we feel guilty about it after gobbling that whole pack of chips! Follow these tips to stop them from stripping you off of your willpower.

Avoid getting extremely hungry

Hunger can overpower your senses. That is why you should never skip meals in your diet because you end up having, even more food than you skipped. If you follow such kind of diet then you should rethink about it. From now on have your meals on time and keep healthy snacks like granola bar at your hands reach. You might be able to prevent extra food intake by eating in regular periods instead of skipping meals.

Toss temptations out of your kitchen

When all the junk and sugar are stored in your kitchen it feels like its calling you. It is extremely hard to stay put on your resolutions if you have yummy food stored in your kitchen. Toss those chips, candies, and cookies out of your house and restock it with healthy food like veggies, whole grains, etc.

Practice mindful eating

7 Ways to outsmart unhealthy food cravings!
Unhealthy Food Cravings


Mindful eating means practicing proper eating habits, distinguishing between hunger and cravings. Plan your meals properly and avoid impulsive eating habits. If you always have a craving for chocolate then switch to dark chocolate, that way you would consume less sugar. Chew sugarless gum instead of a normal one; load up on fresh berries like strawberry, blackberries, or even cherries instead of the sweet candies. That might do the trick and save you from excess intake of sugar.

Have a cheat day once in a week or fortnight

You might ask why a cheat day? That is because if you are on dieting it simply means you are depriving yourself of the food desires of your heart. Ultimately you’ll give up on the diet itself. That is why you should have a cheat day once in a few days so that you look up to your workout as well as your diet. If your heart knows that your cheat day is approaching it will not push you to give in to those cravings and in fact, you’ll work even harder.

Sleep might be your healthy fix

Depriving yourself of your beauty sleep might also lead to endless eating. If you are not getting 8 hours of sleep per day then this is your wake-up call. Sleep is what you need; it is your healthy fix. Sleep will help you reenergize and distract you from your food cravings at times as well.

Keep yourself busy

7 Ways to outsmart unhealthy food cravings!

Most of the teenagers spend their days on their couch with a pack of chips on one hand and a TV remote in the other hand. Boredom can do that to you.  Don’t let your boredom turn you obese. Occupy yourself with non-eating activities; focus on your work or hobbies. Do everything you can to avoid food cravings. Keeping yourself busy can help you take off your mind from food.

Don’t be stressed

Many studies have revealed that people consume more food when they are stressed especially for women. Women who are stressed are found to have uncontrollable desires to munch on oily food. It is like your whole being is saying: You. Must. Have. French fries. Now! So try not to be stressed and try to take a few deep breaths when you are stressed and surround yourself with people who give out positive vibes.

Knowing your cravings and their triggers can be an easy way to avoid them. You won’t lose weight through all these but you will definitely not gain any more weight that is for sure. Food cravings are pretty much common and you can find a common friend who knows how to polish you off of a craving. It might not be as hard as you think after all.


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