ALABAMA Barker has made a surprising announcement on her personal TikTok account.

Alabama, 18, made a new video with the caption: “So who’s ready for my makeup line?”

Alabama Barker teased that she'll be releasing a makeup line

Alabama Barker teased that she’ll be releasing a makeup lineCredit: TikTok/alabamabarker
Alabama will be in direct competition with Kylie Cosmetics

Alabama will be in direct competition with Kylie CosmeticsCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner

In the clip, she was wearing a shiny black jacket that looked extremely oversized on her small frame.

She was wearing her typical makeup look with overlined lips and long fake eyelashes.

Her blonde hair was parted down the middle and fell over her shoulders.

She was smiling as she lipsynced to a TikTok sound that said: “I would like to apologize to all of you for what I did.

“It was very wrong and I am very sorry. I would just like to move on and lead a normal life.”

If Alamaba came out with a makeup line, she would be in direct competition with her step-mom Kourtney Kardashian’s family.

Kylie Jenner has her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics, and Kim Kardashian has recently started promoting her Skkn makeup line.


Screengrabs of the video were posted on Reddit, and users couldn’t believe that she would be starting the business.

One said: “It’s giving your hometown friend posting ‘so if I started a cake-making business who would order from me’ on FB.”

“It’s giving when your hometown acquaintance posts on their socials that they started a business but turns out it’s an MLM pyramid scheme,” replied another.

A third said: “Lol, this is comical. Like y’all can’t do anything else? It must be easy to start up a makeup line. I’m next guys.”

“D**n she turned 18 and started following the exact recipe,” added a critic.

A fifth wrote: “These nepo babies and reality stars do not know anything other than plastering their names on someone else’s makeup formula, and hope for the best.”


Alabama recently sparked rumors that she had plastic surgery on her body.

Her fans spotted something that looked different in new photos the teen shared on Friday.

Taking to Instagram, Travis Barker’s daughter showed off a skin-tight black lace bodysuit.

Noticing Alabama looked curvier than usual, the photos caught the eye of fans who discussed her new look on Reddit.

One user suggested Alabama might have gone under the knife for a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The procedure, popular with women to give more extreme hourglass curves, involves a surgeon taking fat from the tummy, thighs, and lower back and injecting it into the butt and hips to give them a rounder look.

“Couldn’t wait to get that BBL,” one fan claimed in the discussion.

“With Alabama, though, her whole persona is stolen from black culture, so I guess it would make crazy sense that she got a BBL as soon as she could,” another added.

Kim Kardashian also started a makeup line through Skkn

Kim Kardashian also started a makeup line through SkknCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian
Fans on Reddit can't believe that another member of the Kardashian family will have a makeup line

Fans on Reddit can’t believe that another member of the Kardashian family will have a makeup lineCredit: Instagram/ Alabama Barker
Fans on social media believe Alabama got a BBL

Fans on social media believe Alabama got a BBLCredit: Instagram/alabamaluellabarker

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