Amanda Hanson, Digital Innovation Leader at Action News 5, has passed away. What was Amanda Hanson’s death cause? Explore. Amanda was a valued journalist, coworker, friend, and proud Memphis citizen. She joined the Action News 5 team in 2021 and spearheaded our digital coverage.

Amanda worked relentlessly and creatively to enhance our internet presence. She would even stand in front of the camera on occasion to provide breaking news. Her contagious excitement, commitment to the team, and inventive thinking propelled them to new heights. As a crucial member of management, she functioned as an adviser on all things digital, specializing in social media strategy.

Amanda Hanson’s Death: How Did the News Anchor Die?

Amanda, a former news anchor, died unexpectedly at the early age of 38. Amanda was a popular journalist who worked for KAIT Channel 8 for many years, from 2010 until 2021, with a short leave in 2015. Amanda had an unexpected and catastrophic medical emergency earlier this week as a result of unknown health issues.

Despite the tremendous efforts of medical experts, Amanda was unable to recover and died tragically, surrounded by her heartbroken family and friends. Amanda’s family has not provided any more information regarding her medical condition or the official cause of death. They are mourning the death of their loving daughter, sister, and wife at this terrible time. Amanda leaves a legacy of award-winning journalism from her successful radio career, as well as innumerable treasured memories of colleagues, friends, and family she touched.

Amanda Hanson

Amanda’s unexpected death at such a young age has stunned and devastated the whole community. Many individuals have expressed their gratitude, sympathy, and happy recollections of Amanda’s unique energy, which illuminated the world around her. She lived her life to the fullest, with lively enthusiasm and unshakable generosity to everyone she encountered, even in tough circumstances. Her radiant smile and joyous spirit left an indelible impression on those who were fortunate enough to know her.

Her family, friends, and the whole area are devastated by this profound loss. However, Amanda’s inspiring legacy will live on as a reminder to truly enjoy life’s pleasures. May Amanda’s loved ones find solace in knowing how beloved and loved she was, and will always be.

Amanda Hanson’s Age and Bio

Amanda was born in 1986; she was 38 years old as of 2024. Amanda obtained her master’s degree in strategic communications in 2020 and has always gladly shared her knowledge with our staff. Amanda was an exceptional person, in addition to her professional successes. Amanda started working as a news anchor in Cape Girardeau in 2015. After many years as a popular anchor there, she realized her ambition of returning to her hometown of Memphis to work at Action News 5 in 2021. Amanda and her colleagues at Good Morning Region 8 used social media to celebrate Friday mornings with colorful “Dance Party” films that showed her joyful personality and earned her the moniker “Dancin’ Hanson” at work.

Amanda Hanson

Amanda was not just a talented journalist, but also a dear friend to many of her coworkers. Her lively personality and generosity affected everyone who knew her. Her recent marriage to Darren was a source of great delight, as seen by a video of them cheerfully dancing in their freshly remodeled kitchen. Her humorous house improvement tales never failed to make people chuckle.