Antlara Dental Clinic is popular for its excellent dental services in Antalya.

The clinic, nestled in the city of Antalya in Turkey, is making waves with its commitment to quality, experience, and trust in the ever-growing cosmetic dentistry industry.

Antlara Dental Clinic addresses concerns such as yellowing, chipped, or uneven teeth, the clinic offers a range of services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, facial aesthetics, orthodontic treatments, and dental implants.

The clinic aims to not only enhance looks but also promote healthy mouths, solving issues like decayed or missing teeth and helping to prevent gum disease.

Founded in 2005, Antlara Dental Clinic Antalya has been a dental care provider to predominantly European patients. With cosmetic dentistry at its core, the clinic boasts a team that includes three specialists, each with over two decades of experience.

A personalised experience

Recognising the value of continuity in care, Antlara Dental Clinic aims to accommodate patient preferences for specific team members, as one of the clinic’s key goals is to ensure a personalised and comfortable experience.

Before having any treatment with Antlara Dental Clinic an initial consultation will be required to discuss treatment options and your suitability for them, amongst other matters.

This consultation and any follow-up appointments will take place either at the clinic in Antalya or one of our partner clinics overseas, while the actual procedures are performed at the clinic in Antalya.

Unless agreed otherwise you will be responsible for all travel costs to/from Turkey, accommodation, ground transportation, and any incidental costs relating to your visits to Turkey for any appointments and procedures.

Cosmetic dental treatments involve invasive procedures and are not risk-free, or a solution to personal problems.

Always seek independent medical advice, speak to your UK dentist, and give any procedure careful consideration before going ahead.

If travelling abroad for treatment patients should also ensure they feel safe and prepared to do so and can afford the full cost of any treatment, aftercare, and related expenses such as travel costs.

The results may vary from person to person, depending on the individual’s age and health, as well as other factors. Antlara does not perform cosmetic procedures on anyone under 19 years old.

Providing dental care to foreigners poses unique challenges and Antlara Dental has taken steps to mitigate some of the issues involved.

From the inception of its services, the clinic has offered post-surgery opportunities for patients. Expanding its capabilities more recently, the clinic has added partner clinics in London and Brussels, amongst other locations, providing preliminary consultations, prescribing medications, and offering emergency interventions.

UK patients can access broader services in their home country through partner clinics in various cities in England.

The clinic’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its prime location, encompassing a dedication to offering its patients access to modern technology and an experienced, great team at its partner clinics too.

Antlara Dental Clinic’s focus on quality is evident in its use of cutting-edge materials and advanced diagnostic equipment, including Cone Beam/3D X-Ray and digital X-Ray.

Emphasising a combination of competitive pricing and quality, Antlara Dental Clinic is an excellent option for cosmetic dentistry in Turkey with almost two decades of experience, advanced technology, and helpful package offers that include a certain number of nights of accommodation.

Note that unless stated otherwise packages do not include flights to/from Turkey, ground transportation, or incidental costs such as food and drink.

Award-winning clinic

Antlara Dental Clinic’s excellence was recognised when it received the Best Dental Clinic Award from Global Health and Pharma in 2022. Looking ahead, the clinic dreams of expanding its brand across Europe and England in the next five years.

Beyond its professional achievements, Antlara Dental Clinic actively engages with charities and social organisations, aiming to make basic dental care accessible to people who might otherwise struggle to obtain it.

Partnerships with several hotels reflect the clinic’s commitment to patient comfort, with stays typically ranging between five to seven days, depending on the treatment. Antlara Dental Clinic offers an understanding of the expectations of those seeking dental surgery, establishing itself as a reliable destination for individuals looking for comprehensive and tailored dental solutions.

For more information, visit the Antlara Dental Clinic website or browse the FAQs.

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